Let’s Explore Types of Vape Cartridges!


Vapes have slowly become smoking devices that are easiest to use when it comes to functionality and portability. So many cigarette smokers have turned to vape because of the numerous types of vape pens, flavors, and vape oil cartridges, which only makes vaping way more interesting than traditional smoking.

But before choosing the vape cartridge right for you, it is essential to know everything about vapes. As much as the products seem similar at first glance, many factors distinguish vapes and their cartridges. And here, we will explore them.

A Vape is a device with which one inhales and exhales smoke. It comes along with a vape cartridge that contains a liquid concentrate. These cartridges have a mouthpiece and a heating element that turns the liquid concentrate into smoke which can or cannot be replaceable.

The battery unit (which raises the temperature of the heating element) is either detachable or built-in depending on whether the vape is disposable or not.

Some perks of using Vape Cartridges

Here are some of the reasons you can choose a vape pen over your traditional smoking method. You can also give a try to cheap Delta 10 cartridges.

  • Easy to Use

With just touching a few buttons, you can turn a vape pen on and off or even control its temperature. Most of the detachable battery unit-type cartridges have a single-button function. Therefore, you do not require any prior practice before trying to use a vape pen. Check out this https://portablehookahs.com/.

  • Different Types of Variety

Using a vape cartridge can never limit you as it comes in so many different flavors and varieties. Once the contents of your cartridges are over, you can easily swap it out for a new one and try out new types and flavors.

  • Does not smell

Vaping does not cause you to reek of tobacco or create too much smoke. That can be a discreet way of smoking without causing anyone else any disruption.

  • Easy to Carry

Vape pens are portable. They are usually no bigger than a ballpoint pen and occupy little to no space in your sling bag or pocket. You can carry it in your bag for round-the-clock usage.

The Different Types of Cartridges

Vape cartridges are filled with a type of cannabis concentrate oil. Some of the common types are:

  • Live Resin

These types of cartridges are well known for their intense flavor and aroma. The making process preserves the natural terpenes of the plant, creating a lasting smell and taste.

  • Full-spectrum oil

Being the best in quality, the price of full-spectrum cartridges is usually on the higher side. This oil has the most natural cannabis flavor to it. Everything from the original strain is instilled into this oil. So if you prefer quality and don’t mind spending a few extra bucks, these cartridges are for you.

  • Distillate oil

This oil is a refined cannabis extract. The process of distillate oil extraction involves the removal of any unwanted compounds from the plant, such as chlorophyll. The result is a smoother and longer-lasting effect in comparison to CO2 oil.

  • CO2 Oil

In the Cannabis Industry, CO2 is used as a non-toxic solvent to separate unwanted compounds from plant extracts. This extraction method can surprisingly offer medicinal benefits as it has many more natural compounds as it is not very distilled.

  • Cut/Uncut

Cut oil is considerably new in the industry, and research is still going on. Therefore, it is the least recommended of the oils so far. The making process involves using additives to enhance the effect of the oil.

  • Terpene Infused

Just like cut oil, the manufacturing process of infusing terpenes into cannabis oil is still being studied. Terpenes are added to cartridges that are already pre-filled with oil for a more enhanced and aromatic taste. Nonetheless, it is still not as recommended as the rest of the oils.

Brief Guide to choosing your Cartridges

Even in the vaping world, it is easy to get scammed into buying a low-quality product, which claims to be high quality. Here are the ways to distinguish between the two:

Low-quality cartridges

  • These are often made from plastic which can turn into toxins because of the oil reacting with the plastic when it heats.
  • They can have poor quality or ill-fitting O rings, due to which the oil can leak into the pen.
  • Their wicks might be pre-moistened with glycerine or propylene glycol, which many people have allergies to.

High-quality cartridges

  • These are produced from glass, ceramic, metal, and other premium materials.
  • Their O-rings are perfectly sized and do not allow the liquid to leak.
  • Have properly sealed joints that do not allow the cartridge contents and air to come into contact together.

You should always check your cartridges for their quality before purchasing.

Conclusion: How to decide what’s best for you

The vape market offers a large variety of choices from which making a decision can be complicated. All of the mentioned details can create confusion in figuring what is low quality and what is not.

When buying any oil, make sure to look out for its color. The darker the color of the liquid, the more indications of it being not as pure and containing lipids, wax, fats, and pigments. A darker color can also mean exposure to air, meaning the seal is not proper. However, this might not be the case every time. Make sure to check the ingredients on the label that could probably be imparting that color to the liquid.

Consequently, as more research is continually being done on vapes, more products and formulas are constantly being introduced into the market. That can mean wrestling more health and safety concerns. There are many different ways different vape oils can interact with the body’s metabolism and weight. People react differently to varying amounts of terpenes, which additionally must be taken into consideration. These aspects are still undergoing research.

Furthermore, the viewpoint of vapes becoming introduced for medical and therapeutic purposes is still being considered and has not been confirmed yet. The question that might strike you is how can terpenes and vape oils be combined to create pharmaceutical benefits soon? Only time shall tell us.

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