Leo: the Lion of the Zodiac


Whether you believe in it or not, astrology is a practice that’s widespread—so much so that even those who don’t subscribe to it know at least their sun sign. Leo, the lion of the zodiac, is just one such sign, but it’s one that especially unforgettable. 

The fifth sign of the zodiac, Leo considers creativity and competition. A Leo is a natural-born leader, with the passion of a fire sign backing their efforts. Born between July 23 and August 22, Leo lions can’t help but shine. 

What are the astrological details of this sign?

As a fixed sign, Leo falls at the peak of its season–in this case, autumn. Leo is ruled by the sun, which represents one’s life path according to astrologists. This sign is also associated with the masculine yang energy and the astrological fifth house, the portion of the zodiac wheel focused on creativity, children, self-expression, and pleasure. 

On a more mundane level, Leo‘s birthstone is peridot, while carnelian, tiger’s eye, amber, and sardonyx are associated with it to a lesser extender. This zodiac sign is also connected to sunflowers and marigolds, two flowers that share the lion’s golden color and bright personality. 

Which personality traits are common in Leos?

Leos are typically confident and popular, catching others’ eye with their radiant aura and magnetism. The lion is drawn to the spotlight, as ready to lead their pride with a keen eye for the talents of those who follow them. 

At the same time, a Leo is quick to jealousy and will close off their typical radiance should they fail at a task. Leos may also be manipulative and narcissistic, using their leadership skills to get others to do the pieces of their to-do list they‘d rather not complete themselves. 

How does Leo act in different areas of life?

Of course, a Leo is more than their personality alone—they have relationships, careers, and romances. 

The Leo lion prides themself on their social status, striving to be in charge throughout their life. Because of this, many Leos turn to leadership roles in terms of their career.

In love, family, and friendship, they expect to get more attention than anyone around them, though they make friendships and other connections easily. Their inner sunshine wants to turn all eyes their way, even if others challenge their confidence. 

Where is Leo in my birth chart?

When you swipe right on a Tinder match and they ask you your zodiac sign, they’ll almost always be referring to your sun sign, or the sign impacts their personality from birth. But your sun sign isn’t the only aspect of your birth chart or natal chart that affects a person in an astrological sense. Most notably, your moon and rising signs impact your inner self and the version of you that others perceive. 

As far as a Leo is concerned, you can have these traits in any of these aspects or the other less recognizable portions of your natal chart–or, in a less common event, all three of these. A Leo sun sign may be intrinsically confident, while a Leo moon may consider themself a kid at heart. Meanwhile, a Leo rising or ascendant sign will likely be seen as someone strong-minded who’s focused on a particular intention or end goal—for better or for worse. 

The firey, passionate, radiant lion of the zodiac, a Leo sun, moon, or ascendant has a variety of showstopping personality traits. Their confidence and leadership turn heads, while their jealousy and pride might burn bridges. Whether for positive reasons or negative ones, a Leo is someone you won’t soon forget. 

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