LeBron James Continues to Lead League in Assists


LeBron James continues to improve his play despite growing older as he continues to shock the league in his 17th season as he is currently leading the league in assists. He is averaging 10.9 assists per game so far this season.

LeBron’s generosity extends not just in the court, but also off the court. When James celebrated his 35th birthday, he invited the entire Lakers team. The team showed up without a doubt and the night was full of camaraderie and moments that will be treasured as a precious memory.

LeBron is willing to spend a lot of money for his teammates and is also throwing in dimes at them night in and night out.

Despite what the critics may say about James, his unselfishness on the court is surely making an impression on his level of play right now. He is strongly making his case as the most complete player in NBA history, and the league can see how far LeBron is willing to go.

Not the (arguably) triple-double king Russell Westbrook, nor the sophomore show out Luka Doncic, who already has 10 triple-doubles this season, is leading the league in assists. Not even the playmaking point guards are averaging double figures on the assists category.

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James’ 10.9 assists per game – the highest mark of his career – makes him as the sole player to average double figures so far this season. His elevated style of play saw him being really different from other players. 

James is a scorer, but he also likes to share the ball throughout his career and even started out as a point guard in his debut with the Cleveland Cavaliers back in 2003. He is a willing passer despite playing all five positions in the game.

He is currently sitting at the ninth spot in all-time assists leaders with 9,021 assists. He is currently on the pace to surpass Isiah Thomas – who has 9,061 at the eighth spot and could possibly break 10,000 assists if he continues to be healthy and unselfish.

James is the only player in NBA history to be both in the top 10 in scoring and assists. He is also the only player in the game to reach 33,000 points, 9,000 assists and 9,000 rebounds. Critics may want to think twice in criticising James’ style of play.

LeBron has been criticised in his passing mentality in his career. He was known for making passes when the game is on the line. Kobe Bryant even teased LeBron’s passing decisions in the final moments of a tight game.

James maintained his mindset, and that seems to be paying off as he continues to thrive and be better as he is nearing the end of his career.

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