Leading Private Schools In Singapore

Are you a parent seeking to give your child the best quality education in Singapore? If yes, then your one viable option is to take them to outstanding private schools in Singapore.

Here are some of the best private schools you can opt to send your child to for quality education.

  • Zhicheng Private School

Zhicheng is ranked among the best private schools in Singapore, thanks to its proficient and professional school members.

The school is renowned for having an excellent passing rate in the qualification of exams on the island, not forgetting AEIS and SPERS. On top of that, Zhicheng offers learners a comprehensive course on the English Language to prepare for various qualifying tests.

  • The Winstedt School

It’s known for reshaping careers for children 5-17 years of age who happen to get lost in the background at some point. Their committed team comprising educators and psychologists offers personalized methods and subjects to help your child get back on track.

The Winstedt curriculum is regarded as one of the best and is recognized globally. This curriculum majors on readying your child on how to seize opportunities they may come across.

They specialize in providing small classes as they allow them to work on each child individually. A class of 15 students is assigned, two teachers. With their enthusiastic staff, they create an environment that makes every child feel part of it.

  • GEMS World Academy

GEMS World Academy is regarded as one of the top private schools that admit children ranging from 2-19 years. It’s recognized for being dedicated to shaping students academically, socially, emotionally, and mentally via their broad courses.

Besides, GEMS World Academy is the first and only private school on the island accredited to offer International Baccalaureate courses, permitting it to provide learners with a comprehensive education that constitutes design, sports, arts, and music.

  • Singapore American School

To get a glimpse of the kind of education American learners receive, take your child to Singapore American School. It’s well known for shaping every learner to be the perfect version of themselves via quality education.

In addition to that, Singapore American School recruits some of the most seasoned and inspiring tutors to help every learner develop academically and holistically, going past their job inside the classroom.

Taking your child to Singapore American School will also boost his/her prospects of attaining the pass rate required for admission to top universities on the island. That’s why it’s considered one of the leading private schools in the country.

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