Know Some of the Best Salons for Hair Styling & Coloring in Singapore


As the new year calls for some raw style and modern hues, people become interested in putting their wilderness associated with 2020 and starting fresh with this coming year. The same goes for hair styling and coloring. Beauty-conscious women get bored with old styles and want to break out of the dye and bleach. Singapore can provide you with some of the best alternatives when it comes to hair styling and coloring. Rather than going for a makeover, you can turn your frizzy, fried, damaged hair into something more attractive. Some salons can provide you with quick dye, but it fades out in no time. However, the same is not the case with Singapore hair styling and coloring salons.

Take a quick look at the following alternatives when you are in Singapore

As mentioned earlier, Singapore is a tourist attraction, but there are various areas where you can pamper yourself. Salons and spas are one of these areas. For this, you must have a detailed understanding of each alternative. Hence, take a look at the following choices:

  • 99% hair studio at orchard: Hair dye fans have heard about 99% hair studio. They have ranked continuously at the top of various social media platforms, remaining at the top five hair salons in this place. When it comes to hairstyling and dye, there is no alternative to this place. They do the job smartly and efficiently. Some well-trained stylists are part of the valor dream team, whom you can trust.
  • Pro trim hair salon at Ngee ann city Takashimaya: A Korean salon in Singapore with Co-founders Florence and Tino. The place is known for its proficiency and quick operations. Various customers go to this place to fix their dull and damaged hair. The prices are negotiable for the service and skill provided.
  • Chez Vous hair salon: A vast number of first-time customers select chez Vous hair salon for their hair treatment. It is a favorite destination for various individuals comprising the famous and rich ones. Moreover, the salon has grabbed the 2019 Harpers Bazaar hair award as they provide the best coloring services throughout these years.
  • Walking on sunshine: This alone is a favorite one among influencers because it is famous on a social media platform. It provides various perks, which include different types of high-quality hair treatment. Haircuts and styles are essential for beauty-conscious individuals. It is a top client choice to change current hair color.
  • LeekaJa Korean hair and beauty salon: It is the most established Korean salon situated in Singapore. It is a celebrity-endorsed salon that is known for high-quality service and refreshment menu. From the location to its performance, the place ranks at the top of salons and spas. There are well-known color experts who provide different sessions which are affordable. Moreover, it also provides a fantastic backdrop for taking post-dye pictures.

Going by records, chess mouse hideaway, color bar by full house salon, and number 8 hair studio are other alternatives you can look into while in Singapore. 

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