Know Everything About the Best Quality Sanitary Pads


When a girl experiences her period for the first time, there needs to be quality information that should be handed down to her such as how to take care of her hygiene, the different kinds of products available to use during menstruation, and how consuming certain products has a direct impact on one’s health and the environment.

This article focuses on sanitary napkins. When one chooses good quality sanitary pads they can be really helpful when you have a consistently heavy flow, to block out most of the odor especially for ones new to the ordeal, and can be reliable during long nights if you have a moderate to a heavy flow.

Though there are numerous brands for sanitary pads in the market only some of them are truly reliable for your health, like Rio sanitary pads. Take a look at some important things about the best quality sanitary pads and their usages.

What are sanitary pads?

A sanitary napkin or sanitary pad is a thin pad that is made of absorbent material. With the help of this material, the pads can easily absorb all menstrual fluids at the time of your period. Pads come in different sizes and styles.

Most pads have one set or two sets of wings on either side to be secured on one’s underwear. They can be worn for a few hours (about 3-6 hours) depending on how heavy one’s menstrual flow is and need to be changed so as to keep yourself fresh and eliminate any odor.

It is the most popular and widely used menstrual hygiene product that is externally worn. It is also more popular than those menstrual cups and tampons that have to be inserted into the vagina.

Why is a sanitary pad a good option?

Sanitary pads need not be placed and secured on one’s undergarments, thus it’s one of the safest and most comfortable options among menstrual hygiene products. You can use pads to spend your days of the menstrual cycle with comfort.

You can get sanitary pads of different sizes to cater to different levels of flows during your periods. So, you can have various options in the sanitary pads to choose the best one for you.

Companies these days are coming out with pads that are biodegradable, non-toxic, and more absorbent materials right from the packaging to the sanitary napkin.

How to use sanitary pads?

Using a sanitary pad is not a difficult task. You need to first peel the pad off from its packaging case and keep the cover for the purpose of disposal. Then, look for the paper strips that are the part of the pad where the adhesive is present.

Now, place the pad with the sticky part down, over the middle part of your underwear. After that, fold both side wings and place them tightly and securely. The wings will ensure the perfect grip of your sanitary pad.

How to dispose of the used sanitary pad?

Disposing of your sanitary pad is a very important task. To do so, first, peel off the wings from your underwear, then hold the top front part and pull it away and remove it from your underwear. After separating the pad from your underwear, you can wrap it within its cover and dispose of it at a specific place.

Best quality sanitary pads

A sanitary pad made of very good quality is really important. Here are several tips for choosing a good option.

Biodegradable options

Material is a very important aspect of choosing good quality sanitary pads. Also, keep in mind to avoid the plastic made ones that are not only harmful to your health but also harmful to the environment.

Always look for cotton-made options to enjoy real comfort and hygiene. In this case, Rio sanitary pads are a very good option.

Avoid fragrant pads

The pads that claim to have a nice fragrance usually have harmful chemicals. This can give you several skin problems. So, avoid those and choose the non-fragrant ones.

Choosing the best sanitary pads is not an easy task as it needs really careful attention. So, for opting for a safer option, you can always trust brands like Rio sanitary pads.

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