Kitchen trends you’ll definitely see in 2022


Throughout the pandemic, many homeowners discovered a new level of appreciation for their kitchens – the room where they spent most of their time baking all kinds of cookies, cooking meals, and even working when they wanted to escape their children. Let’s admit it; the kitchen isn’t children or adolescents’ favourite room, so it became a peaceful sanctuary for the parents who had to work from home during the lockdowns.

As time passed, people realised the importance of having a multi-faceted kitchen. So, it shouldn’t be surprising that more and more homeowners are looking for revamps and upgrades.

We got in touch with interior designers to share their predictions for 2022 kitchen trends, and here is what the future has in store.

Natural materials

As everyone spent most of the last two years at home, they gained a renewed sense of wanting to open their houses to the outdoors with the help of materials like wood (that became highly popular). Natural materials mix well with other kitchen materials such as stone and metal to create an airy, bright, and light space. When you use natural materials, you create a blank canvas that allows you to inject personality with the help of other details and elements.

Natural light

Ceiling casements, expansive windows along a wall, or extra-large skylights above the island will be a massive trend in 2022. The idea behind this trend, similar to the above one, is to welcome sunlight and nature inside. And if you had a glimpse at the kitchens with more oversized windows or skylights, you saw that when the sunlight falls across natural materials like marble or wood, they offer a sense of serenity and comfort. The inclination in 2022 will be for worn vintage kitchens instead of stainless laboratories. The time for spaciousness and warmth has come.

Shades of green

Considering that most paint brands deemed green (and green hues) the colour for 2022 (even if Pantone didn’t include it in the list), interior designers think it’ll also become a significant kitchen trend. Pick a green shade that embodies energy, rejuvenation, and renewal if you want to renovate or upgrade the kitchen the following year. However, because green has just entered the kitchen world, expect furniture providers to sell green kitchen cabinets at premium prices. You can always opt for the DIY path if you don’t afford to buy customised green cabinets. Get some cheap kitchen units and paint them in your favourite shade of green. The project will cost you less than ordering the furniture from a company specialised in custom-made items.

Pops of colour

Green isn’t the only colour to enter the kitchen in 2022. Bright and cheerful hues will make a comeback in the most functional room of the house. Since the pandemic, many people have spent more time in their kitchens than before, and it’s natural for them to experience an inclination to make the spaces feel more personal. The kitchen is more than a practical space people use for cooking; it became a refuge for those who lack action and a source of inspiration for those who have free time to spare. Interior designers expect homeowners to have a lot of fun revamping their kitchens in the coming year.

If you use a contrasting colour palette with bold hues, you can weave personality and charm into the room.

Plenty of storage space

Storage has always been a paramount feature in kitchen design. Its importance has grown over the last years as the kitchen gained more functions. Homeowners nowadays use several gadgets and stock up on cupboard essentials, so they need kitchen furniture to facilitate organisation.

When integrating storage into the kitchen design, look for units that add practicality and a decorative touch. If you don’t want to break the bank by purchasing new cupboards and shelves, use boxes, bits and bobs in cupboards.

Pet-friendly kitchens

Many people adopted pets during the pandemic, and because they enjoy spending time with them, they’re looking for ways to incorporate them into the room they spend most of their time in. If you have a pet you banned from the kitchen before, now is the moment to consider welcoming them back into the heart of your home. Create a corner where they can eat or simply relax while you cook. If you have an unclaimed area, such as a corner near the window, place their food bowls and fluffy bed, and they’ll feel more than thrilled to nap while you bake brownies.

Statement hoods

Architectural statement hoods will be the stars of kitchen design in 2022. They’ll also be big, literally. Home design specialists state that white and creams mixed with earthy hues can add a touch of drama in a rather simply decorated room. In 2022 we leave subway tile behind and welcome marble-inspired quartz countertops into our kitchens. We guarantee that they’ll become the most beloved backlash surfaces.

Oversized pendants and gold accents will also remain popular the following year.

Cottage style

Not all kitchens are large enough to accommodate a kitchen island. This being said, cottage kitchens will make a comeback in 2022 to show that a small space can be smartly transformed into a cosy room where you can cook or spend time with your family and friends. Cottage style kitchens integrate built in storage as they make use of each cranny and nook.


While function and design are essential, you may recognise the importance of picking environmentally-friendly options when renovating your kitchen. Repurposing existing items or replacing only the cupboard doors is good for your budget and the environment as you limit the waste you send to landfills.

When you buy new kitchen furniture, choose items made from cork or bamboo as they’re more sustainable than the others.


Do you want to change the look of your tired and dated kitchen? Here is where to start. We listed the kitchen trends we expect to gain popularity in 2022.

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