Kankra Protect against all dangers


The belief in luck about the sacred wood has been with Thai society for a long time. And the Kankra tree Is a sacred ornamental plant That many people grow in the home because it means each other dangerous and evil things not come near the residents. Make the house peaceful In addition to the belief that the Kankra tree has a tall and large feature that allows shade to create shady within the home area as well.

General characteristics

  • The Kankra is a medium to large tree. Has a height of about 15-25 meters can occur naturally. In damp areas and near water Throughout all regions of Thailand
  • Flowering in a bouquet of fragrant left colors from April to June. And is effective from June to July
  • General propagation Can use seeds and cuttings

The properties of Kankra used as a drug

  1. The effect of Kanekra has an astringent bitter taste that nourishes the good fats in the body.
  2. Balance and maintain the elements in the body.
  3. Can be an elixir
  4. Treatment of hemorrhage, not walking, or blood disability
  5. Maintain the blood to make the blood circulate normally.
  6. Leaves and fruit contains Sakaloids. Has a pain-blocking effect But does not have antibacterial properties
  7. Essence and leaves when used as a drug together. Can cure the disease

8.The bark of the trunk and the core Help heal blistered skin Reduce burning pain

  1. Core of Kankra Helps to solve the symptoms of asthma, cough, fever, stomach rush. Expel the wind in the stomach, cure mucus, hemorrhoids. And helps to nourish the spleen as well

Benefits of the Kankra

  1. As an ornamental plant to decorate the area of ​​a house or park. Because it is beautiful in itself The flowers are fragrant, not pungent, easy to grow, fast growing, and strong.
  2. The effect of Kankra is food for small animals. The new loto in the UAE. EMIRATES LOTTO , enter the weekly draw in the United Arab Emirates. Like a bird or a bat
  3. Young leaves are food for wildlife with high vitamin.
  4. Kankra wood is a sacred tree that is always used for the foundation stone laying ceremony.
  5. Kankra flower is also included in one of the rituals of the ordination of the Naga.
  6. The wood is light yellow, golden-like, straight and fine, easy to process, and when polished, it looks more beautiful. The wood is durable and strong. Therefore, it is popular to make house poles, fences, slat floor coverings, door flap, can be said to be transformed into furniture in various designs and beautiful.

Other things to know about the Kankra tree

The Kankra tree is one of nine types of auspicious wood such as Phayung, Jackfruit, Thong Lang, Teak, Song Badan, Chaiyapruek Ratchaphruek, and Sisuk bamboo. And also a regular tree of Nakhon Phanom and Surin provinces as well

The price of the sale of the Kanekra tree, 20 cm high, about 20-300 baht, and when the height is 3-5 meters or more, the price rises at least 10,000 baht to say that it can rise naturally. But it is considered a rare tree

There are different names for each region, such as the central region called Kankra, the north and the northeast called Man Pla and the southern region is called Tam Saeng Tum Sao or Musu.

Kanekra wood was transformed into railway sleepers, jets or Champa coffins of the Chinese people. Because the wood has resolution Beautiful firm texture Has high durability

South is suitable for growing Kankra. Because the name means escort for danger Therefore set to the south so it will be more auspicious But if any house accidentally planted in another direction Don’t worry Can be solved by finding another sacred tree to support

Saw both the benefits and properties of this much Many people would like to find some to plant in the area of ​​the house. Which is now a small Kankra tree Was seen to be available in more online channels And with express delivery Anyone who plans to plant Kankra Remember, these are medium-sized perennials and some can grow as much as 30 meters, so it’s best to plant them away from your home. So that the Kankra tree can grow the bush to a beautiful height It does not clutter the house itself.

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