Juul Lawsuit: When should you sue Juul?


If someone you know or you have been affected by Juul or any other e-cigarette, then they are accustomed to getting compensation after hiring a Juul attorney. Your attorney will file a Juul Lawsuit that may get you a certain amount of money or clearance for your medical bills.

But what exactly is Juul? Juul is an e-cigarette that is a USB-shaped vaping instrument. Juul is small, compact, and much handy than a regular cigarette. It has distinct essences that have nicotine in it, which is smoked widely in the country. 

Adverse effects of Juul.

Many people have this delusion that Juul is more harmless than a customary cigarette, but the truth lies behind all the elements in the production of Juul pods. The concern here is the nicotine strength in each Juul pod because there is a notable cluster of people who are getting addicted to Juul, especially teens.

Well, there is no solid proof that Juul is harmful, but there are particular indications that you might notice in a Juul smoker: 

  1. Respiratory diseases.
  2. Itching in the throat.
  3. Nicotine addiction and poisoning.
  4. Strokes.
  5. Heart problems and failures.
  6. Mouth ulcers.

The list doesn’t stop here there are more symptoms of Juul obsession. If you have suffered or undergone any of this culmination, then it’s high time to get a Juul attorney onboarded with you. 

Filing a Juul Lawsuit.

The first step that you need to do is get a qualified personal injury attorney. Your attorney-at-law will go through the entire case and prepare your case so that you get profitable results for the injury you have suffered. 

After this, you need to STOP using Juul pods irrespective of how addictive it is for you because now that you are aware of its adverse effects, you should try evading it and working on your injuries. We realize it is challenging to overcome the addiction of Juul, but gradually and firmly, you should make a habit of avoiding it entirely which would be better for your health.

After you have overcome your Juul addiction, you should now start working on information gathering for evidence. In these kinds of lawsuits, the best proof that you can provide to the court is to show the effects of Juul affected you whenever you used it. You can start collecting photos, hospital records, medical bills, and health reports to prove your point.

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