Jobs in Scotland for People Who Love Children


Whether you have children of your own who have either flown the proverbial nest or else are working their way through the school system, often one or both parents either stop working or move down to part-time hours while raising them.

If you adore children, whether or not you have worked in a professional capacity with them before or not, then you have come to the right place. Here, for your information and reading pleasure, are four jobs in Scotland for people who love children.

1.   Social Work

Social work and community work is an incredibly influential and impactful division of the public sector, and becoming a social worker will mean you will be faced with as many professional challenges as you will benefits from personal rewards.

Working with children as a social worker involves the following responsibilities, to name just a few:

  • Assessing the needs of individual children and how social services can help
  • Making professional referrals to other agencies and services where appropriate
  • Keeping and maintaining decent records
  • Organizing the relevant and required social support
  • Visiting children in hospitals, children’s homes, and their own homes

2.   Foster Care

Another much-needed and incredibly fulfilling route to take when looking for a job that involves positively enhancing and improving the life of one child or more is that of fostering.

Essentially, foster care is when you offer your personal home, time, and energy to a child whose own parents or guardians are unable to take care of them themselves for a wide variety of reasons. Depending on your individual circumstances and, of course, the circumstances surrounding the child in question, fostering allowance can vary in terms of the amount you will be paid for engaging in this valuable work, so do contact FCA Scotland to find out more.

3.   Teaching Assistant

If you are interested in beginning your new job working with children immediately and are either not in a position to enroll upon further education or else this pathway is simply not for you, then a fantastic job in Scotland working with children on a daily basis is that of a teaching assistant.

Typical roles and responsibilities of a teaching assistant include the following:

  • Helping with structuring and planning lessons
  • Providing additional assistance to children who need a little more help
  • Marking homework and in-class work
  • Preparing the classroom for learning and cleaning supplies in the classroom afterward
  • Working with children of all ages through the national curriculum

4.   School Counselor

Another primary example of a career working with children on a day-to-day basis and one which is currently lacking in terms of applicants across the length and breadth of Scotland is that of the role of school counselor.

Typical duties of a school counselor include:

  • Communicating with school administrators, teachers and parents
  • Analyzing the performance of individual students and the class in general
  • Building professional relationships with respect and trust with students
  • Working together with students to craft academic plans based on their individual strengths and skillsets

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