Jass Manak releases new album No Competition


Finally, the long-awaited album from Jass Manak is released today on 19 August 19, 2020. People were excited for this album for so long. The album contains 11 beautiful and fan favourite songs, and all of them are super good. All the songs were sung by our beloved singer Jass Manak. Other singers and musician performs pretty good and gives their best effort in this album. The singers and musician had made the whole album beautiful.

All those beautiful songs were created by Sharry Nexus, MxSingh, Vishal Mishra, Rajat Nagpal, Deep Jandu and many more talented artists and musician.

Jass Manak is known for his songs uniqueness and his talented voice. All the fans were eagerly waiting for his album for so long. Jass Manak has not disappointed his fans at all.

No competition full album songs

1.No competition

No competition is the first and the title song of this album. The song was written by the singer Jass Manek himself. He also composed the song and gave the music for the beautiful song. The butterfly song unit was performed by Sharry Nexus.


Like the 1st song, butterfly song is also superhit and become very popular among the listener. The song is also sung, wrote, composed and music by Jass Manak himself. Like the other song, this song is very beautiful and a fan favourite.

3.Yaar Tere Warga

No competition’s third song and another beautiful song is Yaar Tere Warga. The song is written, composed and music by Jass Manak himself. The song is combined sung by jass Manak and Sunidhi Chauhan. Sharry Nexus gave the song the music and made the song more attractive.


the song is sexy like the title of the song. Sexy is also composed, written, and music by Jass Manak. The song also got a good response from the fanbase.


Jass Manek has given a different vibe to this song. This song is also written, composed by the talented person. There are few people like him with such talent. Sharry nexus also give music to this song.

6.Hass Ke

Hass Ke is another extraordinary song by Jass Manak. The song is also sung by Jass Manek. Vishal Mishra gives his valuable talent in this song.


Nain is also very popular in the fanbase. The song got a lot of attention from the listener. The music was given by Najat Nagpal.


Rajat Nagpal gives the music for this song. The song is extraordinary in quality. All the credit for this beautiful song goes to our beloved singer Jass Manak


This song is a romantic song. Jass Manak’s fan will find love in this song. The song has a different tone, and the fans have already liked it very much. The song also presented by Jass Manek.

10.Yes or no

the song can be easily recognized by the listener. Fans can easily recognize only by hearing this song. It has got a good positive response and a fan favourite song.


Badmashi is the last song of no compromise album. Deep Jandu’s music took the song in the next level. The song is also pretty good, and it gives a different vibe to the listener.

There is a total 11 songs in this album. Jass Manak’s fans have eagerly waited for his next album, and the album and all the songs have made all of jass Manak’s fans very happy and satisfied. We hope to see this kind of talented person to create such beautiful songs in the upcoming future.

All the songs can now be found in youtube, Spotify, Gaana and famous audio streaming platform.

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