It’s winter time! What should we have in our wardrobes?


It’s officially winter! The season of snowy days and warm outerwear. Dressing stylishly during the coldest season of the year could be challenging, but not when you have D2Line looking out for you. Check out some of the best winter wardrobe essentials to ensure look stunning and stay warm:

The winter closet

Warm and cozy

When the temperatures drop, all that most women want to do is stay home in their fluffy pajamas and watch movies. And when it’s time to go out for work or to meet up with friends and family, they often find themselves in the “I have nothing to wear” dilemma. What you need to remember is the winter closet can be warm and cozy not only when it comes to pajamas but also with the right winter wardrobe essentials.

Still fashionable

Keeping your winter outfits both fashionable and functional is not that hard. When you lay the foundations for your winter wardrobe, choosing an outfit will be much easier. You just have to stick to the basics and then add a statement piece to complete the winter-friendly look. This is why the cure to your closet overwhelm is to get yourself some key pieces of clothing.

5 things you should have in your wardrobe for winter

To help you build your winter style, we have prepared a list of the ultimate winter wardrobe essentials:

Warm pullover

Sweater weather is here, and we all love it! Don’t be scared to wear your favorite pullover for the third year in a row. Sweaters are the one thing in your winter closet that will never go out of style. Plus, you can wear your pullovers in many variations – with boots, over a shirt, or even with your leggings. It depends on the mood!

Cozy coat

Every time you want to be extra for a special occasion but also keep warm, just pick your outfit and then put on a beautiful coat. Coats are the one piece of clothing that can save you from freezing and keep you fashionable at the same time! If you still don’t have a warm wool coat, you better go buy one.

Fluffy socks

This season anything is possible! Fashion trends are something we are all a little bit scared of. But this year’s theme is “comfy but stylish,” which means you can go out with your fluffiest socks and still look cool! Wear them with your lace-up boots and a pair of leggings to make your style look more effortless or with your leather boots for a more chic look. Stick to neutral colors and avoid mismatching them with your shoes.

Winter scarf

There’s nothing quite like a winter scarf to keep you warm on a cold day. A unique scarf can turn your boring clothes into a whole new outfit! Needless to say, scarves are one of the greatest accessories to have been made. They come in so many colors and materials that it is impossible not to find one that ticks all your styling boxes.


During this time of year, boots are an absolute must. A pair of chelsea boots for special occasions and work, and a pair of winter boots for the extra cold days are must-haves if you want to look stylish and elegant. Search for earth tones such as brown, black, beige, or cream, which can be easily mixed with almost any garment.

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