Issues With Orthotic Footwear


If you are looking for a way to provide support to either your ankle or foot problem with orthotic inserts or shoes, we have come up with five top-rated tips to make sure you choose the correct orthotics for your feet. 

#1 When Getting Your Orthotics Shoes Fitted, Wear Your Favorite Shoes

Even though you can get orthotics made so that they fit each foot, they should work with your style of footwear. It is essential that you make sure the orthotics that you choose are also the type of footwear you wear the most often. Revitalign is a good one too.

#2 Understand Your Foot Condition And Type

To make sure you are choosing the right type of orthotic inserts, you must first understand your foot type and the issue you are trying to support or correct. Certain over-the-counter inserts designed for shoes provide may provide a bit of comfort, but they usually mask the issue. The ultimate goal when it comes to using orthotics should be that they provide proper support to your feet and correct any functional issues. 

Plantar fasciitis is a very painful condition where the connective tissue that runs from the sole of the foot to the heel becomes inflamed. For this condition, you will need good cushioning and arch support. 

Orthotics can also be used to correct overpronating feet where the feet roll too far inwards which causes ankle instability. Underpronation, or supination, is an opposite problem when the feet turn outwards. Both issues can impact the back, hips, and knees. Correcting a pronation problem will require semi-rigid or rigid orthotics that ensure that your feet are supported all the time. 

For heel spurs or heel pain, you should be using orthotics with a lot of cushioning and padding to alleviate inflammation and pain. 

For arthritis and diabetes, the shoe inserts should be promoting good circulation as well as provide shock absorption. 

#3 Think About The Activities You Will Need The Orthotics For

Whether you spend a lot of time standing still on your feet, you have a job that is active and you require functional support through the day, or you are an athlete or runner that wants more protection from general wear-and-tear injuries. The orthotics that you choose must provide you with adequate support to suit your lifestyle. 

#4 Seek A Prescription Or Professional Advice

The professional podiatrists at Mansfield/Arlington Foot and Ankle Centers are highly skilled in assessing foot conditions or problems and they know precisely what type of orthotics you need to support and correct you in order to provide you with protection from your pain or injury. We have the experience to make sure you gain the most from orthotics and we know how to protect and support your feet. 

#5 Get Customized Orthotics Built For Each Foot

At Mansfield/Arlington Foot & Ankle Centers, we use top-notch technology when it comes to assessing and measuring feet. This allows us to create tailor-made orthotics that offer the exact support and perfect fit that your feet need to support you and your condition.

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