Islamic talismans – taweez used by the USA society


Today, society is facing new technological ideas and innovations. With the increased connection with online communities and advancement of technology, traditional values and religions are shifting.With different subgroups added in metropolitan cities across the US, people now have a willingness to test out unique cultural experiences such as Islamic charms. This led to the growth and establishment of Islamic talismans known as taweez in Quran.

Taweez and amulet were remarkably employed in the East-West Clash of civilizations which was a result of European encounters with the Sunni Muslim civilization through their travels to Egypt and other parts of the Middle East. Some think that tawez is also used by some in Judeo-Christian or Jewish praxis to achieve metaphysical goals that transcend religious boundaries, such as the protection of a person or object which may be in danger.Taweez is also used for everyday needs, such as the removal of a headache, calming one’s nerves, or to protect oneself against evil spirits. Taweez is often worn by adults and children alike around the neck on leather thongs with verses from Quran written on them. Today, taweez are commonly sold in stores across the Middle East, North Africa, and South Asia. But what is the taweez:”A spiritual talisman or charm that was traditionally worn around the neck by Muslims to protect themselves from evil spirits.” An amulet made of paper inscribed with verses from the Quran or other Islamic texts.”Practical uses include protection, preventing hidden dangers in Muslim homes/offices etc., and gaining blessings with respect to family/business endeavors.

It’s a beautiful fate to watch your dreams being fulfilled. This is exactly what happened to Ameer Ali from Houston, Texas. Ameer had vivid imaginations and could never stop daydreaming about what his future could be like with Islam. He just knew one thing though – his future would involve a lot of prayer and law breaking. After opening himself up to Islam, Ameer discovered Islamic talismans which were often used before for superstitious purposes in every nation he fathomed as well as in countries like India and China. When he was able to find these talismans online and start using them himself to ensure successful prayers, a source of inspiration began stirring within him that tore him out of his delusional daydreams. and brought an end to his lonely life.Ameer came across a talisman which was sold by a group of traders in the US and didn’t hesitate to purchase it.

Umar Al-Hubabi, a 5th generation Sufi and director of the Seminar on Islamic Arts and hermetic Tradition, describes talismans as objects that helps connecting to the divine powers: “Talismans are used by Muslims of every sect (including Jats, Kharijites and Sunni). The mention of taweez in Quran helps people to understand it can be used by anyone”. There are many uses for talismans that include acquiring inner peace, protection from physical dangers and especially when one is embarking on any difficult journey, as well as for healing in general.Since ancient times, Arabic society used taweez to gain protection and blessings from Allah.

It was until America embraced Sufism that this custom became noticeably widespread among America Muslims. Today Islamic amulets are used among the Americans across the board, regaining its popularity in recent years with the desire to act within their faith and shahadate.

Over 50% of Muslim Americans use at least one amulet during each day; almost 40% of those who use more than one make use of a purview tag or also called izan. They also usually carry talismans which enshrine deceased notable family members as they become bereaved.It is interesting to note that the people who used talismans have fit the modern day society quite well.

According to one person, Moroccan-born US businessman Mohammed Abed Al Zarrouk, “the market has since penetrated deep into America and has become its fourth-highest gift shop seller. Talismans to cure fever by invoking Islamic medicine respond eagerly on black markets just like other herbal remedies; performance enhancers required for farm work need nimble fingers for their intricate metallurgical layering; religious paraphernalia can indicate an owner’s success or country loyalties.”Islamic talismans serve as a spiritual representation of one’s wishes with regards to individual needs, physique and attitude.

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