Is Torrent Safe?


In the era of modern and advanced technology, people have all the information that they want when they want. But all the data and all the sources don’t need to be completely legal. Some of the sources are illegal, and the term pirate is unlawful. People use torrent to get any unauthorized content from the internet. So the question arises it safe to use torrent?

What is Torrenting?

Torrenting is a system of both downloading and uploading at the same time through the BitTorrent network. All the websites have their server where the file is stored when a person or computer wanted the computer to connect to another computer with the same file which is already connected with the internet. The first computer will download the file if and only the other computer is online and uploading the file at the same time.

Torrenting is a perfect example of the P2P file-sharing method. Ir requires a torrent software to connect with Bit torrent server. In the internet, we can find this kind of stuff for free.

If a computer is downloading a file and the other computer is uploading the same file at the same time, then it is called peer. This is the way bit torrent works because it has no dedicated server.

Torrenting safety

People always thought about the safety of torrenting. The torrent itself isn’t illegal or unsafe. But torrent becomes illegal when it is associated with piracy. It’s difficult for an average person to identify which site is wrong or right. So often, people get caught unwillingly in a wrong and illegal website, and visiting the illegal website is against the law.

Your ISP can take action against you if they find out you are using torrent for piracy. The illegal website often uses a VPN or virtual private network to hide their identity or location and their activity. Some VPNs are specialized for such kind of activity and VPN service. So choose wisely about the VPN you want to use for torrenting. But all should keep in mind the following things:

  • The activity will not be saved to the VPN server
  • Must not be based on a country where the VPN is completely illegal
  • Must be fast enough o handle the bandwidth of the torrent

How to torrent safely

Everyone must keep their activity secure about the internet, especially about the torrent because when it comes to privacy, things matter. Using a VPN is an easy and secure solution. Follow the five steps to keep torrenting privately and securely :

  • Download and install a VPN on your pc or device matching the criteria above.
  • Enable VPN to kill switch to kill the VPN when needed.
  • Connect to a secure P2P server and connect with a country with good speed.
  • Once the device is connected with the torrent, start using the torrent server.
  • The VPN will handle the rest

For a safe networking through secured torrents, you can rely on RARBG.

What happens when you get caught using torrent?

First of all, using torrent isn’t illegal. But in many countries, the use of torrent is forbidden. Because the maximum amount of piracy issues happens in the torrent, by using the torrent, the chance for going to jail or court is very slim, but the penalties can be extremely high. The main problem of using torrent is piracy. You may not know about the website it offers, but one single content can be enough to sue you and press your legal charges for that. Using or uploading one’s file or content without their permission is a bad idea. So the owner can take steps against you easily.

Torrent is a very good idea or innovation for data transmission. It doesn’t need a dedicated server, and the speed is pretty good if the file has enough seeder. But we should avoid downloading pirated files, especially the video or movies released among 60 days. So we should be careful about using torrent, and privacy must be the priority before using any kind of torrent, and we must avoid downloading pirated content.

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