Is there a point in using casino strategies? 


The casino business is an open and transparent operation that provides games that involve risk. There are some well-known facts about the way that casino games operate: all digital games use Random-Number-Generators and all live games have real-life random outcomes. In both categories, there is an element of chance. It is the chance that decides the outcomes of your game rounds!

However, players tend to think that the casino business is one shrouded in mystery and secretive methods. To break through this proverbial shroud, players regularly come up with casino strategies. Every one of these strategies is rumoured to increase your chances of winning – play here.

In this article, we inspect some casino strategies and the basis of their working. Below, you will find the answer to the question of whether there is any point in using casino strategies. 

The Martingale and the Oscar’s Grind 

These techniques are some of the most popular pattern-based betting strategies. In basic terms, these strategies outline a plan of betting action that if followed, might bring the player profits. Here is a breakdown of each one: 

  • The Martingale technique – double your bet after every loss. If you hit wins at the right times, you will win back your losses while also having a chance to achieve profits. This technique should be used in moderation. Several losses in a row mean you will be losing large amounts of money. 
  • The Oscar’s Grind – you will start off by betting 1 unit. When you’re in a winning or a losing streak, the bet size stays the same. You will increase your bet by 1 unit when you win following a loss. Then the bet size will stay the same until you once again win following a loss. You will carry on increasing bets until you achieve profits and then restart the process from the beginning. Here’s an example of how it works: 

You bet 1 unit and lose – the bet stays the same

You bet 1 unit and lose – the bet stays the same

You bet 1 unit and win – the next bet becomes 2 units

You bet 2 units and lose – the bet stays the same

You bet 2 units and lose – the bet stays the same

You bet 2 units and win – the next bet becomes 3 units

You bet 3 units and win – the bet stays the same

You bet 3 units and win BIG – the next bet becomes 1 unit 

Alternative strategies 

The techniques outlined above are built around a simple mathematical model that can indeed bring the player profits. However, profits will only be achieved if the player has good luck. In the case of a losing streak, these techniques are pretty much worthless and even dangerous. But are there any other techniques that could be considered more reliable? 

  • Avoid betting your entire bankroll. That is the quickest way to exhaust your funds. Alternatively, consider betting 2% – 4% of your bankroll. This will provide you with plenty of rounds to try your luck and will bring reasonably sized wins too.
  • Always choose games with the best odds. For example, only play single zero roulette. When it comes to slots, you will want to aim for an RTP of 95.5% and above, the higher the RTP – the better (with the exception of progressive jackpot slots). 


The only profitable casino strategies are those that involve calculating your odds, judging your situation realistically and choosing responsible bets. All casino games are random by nature – this is the simplest and also the most intrinsic fact about casino gambling. Any strategy that promises success by betting in a pattern is not backed by any evidence of success.

The best strategy that the player can choose involves betting affordable amounts and not exceeding your personal spending limits. This way, you will be sure to enjoy an affordable, stress-free gamble!

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