Is it worth To Buying a Used Bike in 2022?


Buying a used bike or a new one is completely a personal choice; however, both sales have affected a lot in the past few years. The demand for second-hand bikes has increased as compared to new one this is the reason that used bike sale increased by 27% during Covid-19 Pandemic.

But it is also true that finding a well-maintained used bike at the price you wanted is little difficult. Without knowing the right market value any dealer can make fraud with you and can charge extra money. Now you do not need to worry about the fair market estimate because there are many valuation tools available which can help in estimating the fair market price. 

Well, it’s a fact that finding a bike at good price, performance, and perfection is tricky and time-consuming task. Now the question arises if used bike buying is useful in 2022.  To know this read the advantages of 2nd hand bike over new one.

The Reasons To Know Before Buying Second Hand Bike In 2022:

  1. Money-Saving: Yeah! The biggest reason to think is used bike saves a lot of money. It gives pocket a little relaxation for years and efficiency to have a good bike to fulfil driving needs. The chance to get your dream bike at almost half price is the super happy thing you can get. This is good for people in have their own vehicle with a tight budget and have no plans for a new automobile. Before visiting to any dealer Just find the used bike Price at OBV which is a valuation tool and can give you a good idea about estimated fair market price within seconds. It will ensure you with better decision making on second-hand motorcycles you are planning to invest in. 
  2. Endless of Choice: The second-hand motorcycle section gives you a limitless choice to pick your needs and budget preference bike. You can get a choice of many options under a budget you want to spend. Even having a parameter to advance and good condition, a dream bike is less expensive than the original.
  3. No-Fuss on Maintenance: The chances of getting well maintained and good condition bike is almost 80% to 90% nowadays. You can easily explore motorcycle inspection with features, performance, and overall maintenance. Give yourself time to check the bike thoroughly with a test ride; this will ensure if worth the cost or not. Check for outlook and mechanical performance, including scratches, dents, rust, oil leakage, brakes, clutch, lights, battery and other spares.
  4. A Quick Run on Paperwork: The headache on bike documentation is less with a used bike. You will get all satisfactory paperwork if the seller of the used bike is authorized and genuine. The documentation includes the transfer of vehicle insurance, RC, tax certificate, PUC certificate, vehicle history, service record, bike NOC, manual etc.
  5. Negotiation: You can estimate the cost if you are okay with bike performance and look. After checking the used bike price you can easily negotiate with the dealer. The point is to clarify everything if buying a second-hand motorcycle from an offline source.
  6. Other Benefits: The risk on depreciation rate is low with the used bike, which is good. This will help you to get low-rate insurance more easily if still, a second-hand bike is but expensive for you. If you are a new rider, else learned to bike a few months back, the used motorcycle is the best to improve your driving skills.

The Bottom Line:

Benefits of buying second hand bike are endless but we covered many advantages which will help you to take right decision. Take your time to decide, as you have to invest worth of money in a vehicle. The reality is that used motorcycles are also ideal for buyers who are looking for affordable automobiles. In fact, now you can also get the idea about fair market price with OBV App which is just amazing. So, there is no chance to pay extra money. Search for different bike models and select the best as per your need.

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