Is It Tough To Get Rid Of Buprenorphine Addiction?


Buprenorphine is a type of opiate that is used in the medical profession to help control pain in certain circumstances. No one really starts out using it with the thoughts that they will become dependent upon it. Such addiction occurs gradually over the course of time. The mind and the body start to crave more of it in order to get the same results that they did in the past. That makes it a very powerful type of addiction to cope with.

Many people addicted to buprenorphine hide the problem from people around them. They will become very creative in their efforts to obtain more of it. They may do so by tricking medical professionals, seeing many doctors for the same situation, or buying it from illegal suppliers. Such scenarios can eventually lead a person to be in trouble with the law. The charges that they will face often depend on their role in the use of buprenorphine and the means that they use to obtain it.

Sometimes, buprenorphine is prescribed to help a person with another type of opiate dependency. This process will help to make the detox days easier to cope with. Only professionals with adequate training should be offering such a form of treatment.

There are many symptoms that can be present when someone is dealing with a buprenorphine addiction. They include not being able to concentrate, depression, breathing problems, shaking, insomnia, and even hallucinations. The longer a person uses this type of drug, the more severe these side effects will become. Serious problems can occur when a person combines buprenorphine with alcohol or sedatives.

The risk of an overdose increases the longer that a person uses it too. This is because they continue to increase the amount that they take of this drug as well as the frequency of doing so. However, studies show that it has a ceiling effect. This means after a while, even at very high doses, a person will not get the same benefits that they want. That is why so many people then move on to other types of drugs, including heroin.

Early intervention for buprenorphine addiction can prevent that from happening. Health concerns, including heart attack and increased heart rate, can occur when a person changes to other illegal drugs.

Buprenorphine is a difficult drug to stop taking on your own. This is due to the severe withdrawal symptoms that occur. With a great treatment program, a person can get help going through the detox process. It can take from a few days to a couple of weeks for this to be complete.

After the detox period is completed, the treatment will move into dealing with the physical and mental addiction. Getting a person to change their behaviors is a very important part of eliminating buprenorphine addiction. At the same time, it is important for medical care to be given if the person is still experiencing pain. Otherwise, the risk of them returning to the use of drugs to help with that pain will remain.

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