Is cat insurance worth it?


Cat insurance is a billion dollar industry, depending on your cat. You could easily spend, on average 280 to 680 a year on insurance alone. One thing’s for sure to earlier insure your cat the cheaper it’ll be.

But the question is, is it even worth it?

Like any insurance policy, it depends your monthly premium is based on the age breed species and even the location of your cat, a British Shorthair in Texas will cost you less insurance compared to a Maine Coon in San Francisco.

You have to find out all the details of each policy and find out exactly what you’re covered for. For example, one policy might hurt you seventy dollars a month and give you a coverage up to $8,000, but it may come with a deductible of 20 percent.

Now, let’s say your cat has an accident that costs $5,000. You’ll still pay one thousand dollars out of pocket, plus the monthly premiums. Cat insurance doesn’t cover any known issues with your breed, nor does it cover regular checkups, teeth, cleaning and vaccinations. This could easily cost you a few hundred dollars or even thousands of dollars every year.

There are all inclusive policies out there, but your monthly premiums could cost you well over one hundred dollars a month and it still won’t cover any known issues. Now, instead of getting cat insurance, you could set up a cat emergency fund by putting aside a hundred dollars a month.

So it’s pet insurance worth it? In most cases, probably not. It’s a better value to set up a cat emergency fund. That being said, cat insurance gives you peace of mind. Also, it’s definitely worth it for senior cats!

Despite the insurance, the lifespan of cats is limited, people with whom they uniquely love their little friend , use cat portraits to memorize them forever.

How it works?

These are the Beckers, Joe and Stefanie, and this is their cat, Meowsky, Meowsky is almost six and definitely one of the family. In fact, Joe and Stefanie couldn’t imagine life without him. Like most Americans, the Beckers have health insurance. Unfortunately, he doesn’t cover Meowsky and. When a car shattered his hip, the veterinary bills were over 5000 dollars every six seconds, an American pet owner surprised by a vet bill over a thousand dollars. Like most veterinary care, the bill for most treatment needed to be paid upfront, causing Vyvyan and Austen a lot of financial and emotional stress. But here’s the thing. It didn’t outdo if they had pet insurance, it would have covered nearly 90 percent of the vet’s bills, saving them a huge amount of money and stress. It had insurance quotes. We know how much people love their cats, and we love them, too. We also know two other things. First, veterinary bills can be extremely expensive when your cat or cat gets sick or injured. And second, most people don’t really understand how pet insurance works or which companies offer the best plans.

Here’s the step-by-step process:
Your pet is part of the family. Before they get sick or injured or a preexisting condition shows up, research the best pet insurance quotes.
Select the plan that best fits your cat and financial situation
When you need any treatment or medicine – just save the bills and the insurance company will cover them for you.

Hope, this will help you to understand how it works and I wish you and your cats to stay happy and healthy!

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