Is AI going to be a threat for humane?


AI or artificial intelligence is a great success in computer science. Sometimes it is called machine intelligence. AI is vastly used in every section in the present life. Nowadays, the usage of AI is used in every part. AI has a bright future in upcoming days.

What is AI?

Ai is some software or programming language programmed in such sort that it can learn itself. The more the AI is used, the more it will learn. Computer science defines AI as the research or study of an intelligent thing. AI decides the action based on the current environment or situation and tries the maximum the rate of success.

Unlike other computer learning software  AI doesn’t work like the others. Other software tries to find a pattern or link to solve the problem or to get the result. Still, AI uses the environment machine learning and other things to determine the best possible outcome for that kind of situation.

History of AI

The mention of AI or some intelligent being is mentioned in old antique or the fictional novel etc. Humane always think to build an intelligent smart being like themselves. That’s where the idea of a robot comes in. But a robot is just a machine build with some hardware motor and mechanical parts but nothing else. To give life to have the same amount of intelligence like humane being the robots needs a brain like humane being. So humankind thinks the build a self-learning software, and that’s we got the AI.

The research for AI is started about 1956 in a workshop at Dartmouth College, where the term Artificial intelligence of AI was born. John McCarthy first introduced the term. He and his team work in this case but eventually failed to achieve their goal.

In the year of 1990, AI was used in several kinds of places. Like logistics, data mining, medical diagnostics, etc. From there, others had tried to improve this technology, and some of them obtain a great amount of success in their field. Anti-money Laundering Company in Australia:

How AI Works

Ai is typically a computer program. The way AI works is it collects the data of the environment and analysis it and takes the necessary actions to maximize the chance of success. The more AI is used, the smarter it becomes. Suppose we play a game against the AI, and we beat the AI, then the AI will try the find the cause for being bitten and try not to make the same mistake again. So the more I use the AI, the smarter it becomes.

AI often uses the term algorithm in its output. Algorithms can be simple or can be complicated. The complex algorithms are made out of some simple algorithms combined. Advanced AI uses this kind to an algorithm to solve a difficult problem or to maximize the rate of success.

Application of AI

Nowadays the AI technology is used in almost every where as possible. One of the most significant AI is google. The google search works as a ai to determine the result by person to person. Chinese company like Alibaba uses their own specialized ai to make the most profit in short amount a=of time and to make the business smooth and hassle-free.

AI is used in several sectors around the world. Some of them are :

  • AI in Astronomy
  • AI in Healthcare
  • AI in Gaming
  • AI in Finance
  • AI in Data Security
  • AI in Social Media
  • AI in Travel and Transport
  • AI in the Automotive Industry
  • AI in Robotics
  • AI in E-Commerce
  • AI in Education

The future of AI is very bright. But with advanced technology and machine learning, AI can also be harmful to humankind. We may see the world like in the fictional books where the AI is taking over the whole world. If we use the AI in its limit, we may not see this kind of digester in the future. We must not be entirely dependent on AI. We all must be careful about the action we take may ruin the future.


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