Invite Your Friends to Play Pocket7Games on Samsung


Do you have gamer friends on Samsung who’d like to play fast-paced, skill-based games? Why not invite them to play games and win real cash too? There’s a new version of the popular Pocket7Games app for Samsung users available on the Samsung Galaxy Store now.

When you invite a friend to play, send your unique invitation link or ask your friends to use your code when they sign up. With the new Samsung version of Pocket7Games, you can now invite any friends on Samsung or iOS.

Casino-Style Fun, Now on Samsung

The new Samsung version of the Pocket7Games social casino app offers ten popular games, including 21 Gold, Bingo Clash, Fruit Frenzy, 2048 Blitz, and more. These games include classic casino-style favorites with exciting twists, as well as some new mobile games too. New players can try all the different games with just one download. Ticket games are free to play, and there are often free tournaments where you can test your skills against other players.

There’s no obligation to play the real cash games. Players can download the free app from the Samsung Galaxy Store or the App Store, and start playing the free Ticket games for fun and practice. But for players who’d like casino fun at home, Pocket7Games has a secure deposit and withdrawal system for real cash games.

Safe and Secure Transfers

Pocket7Games permits deposits through PayPal, credit card, or debit card. Players can deposit as little as $1 for beginning stakes, or get that casino feeling by depositing more. There’s often a special bonus that offers extra Bonus Cash with a deposit.

Clever players can turn these beginning stakes into big cash winnings by winning head-to-head matches. To win a two-player match, you’ll just need to score more points than the other player. Another way to win more is to try a tournament. In these games, you’ll be matched with several other players. Tournament-style play is more challenging, because you’ll need to score higher than three or four others, but the rewards are much higher, too. Tournament play is a great way for fast, skilled gamers to win money.

After winning some skill games, your earnings will start to add up quickly. Withdrawing these winnings as spendable cash is fast and easy, too. Players can receive their winnings by bank transfer, PayPal or even Amazon gift card.

Security and Confidence For All Players

You and your friends can play with confidence. Players can start playing right after downloading the new Samsung version. To make certain that every player is playing legally and everything is aboveboard, Pocket7Games asks players for their age and location before allowing any cash transactions. This extra step before depositing or cashing out is fast and ensures that new players can join the real money games safely and securely.

Another way that Pocket7Games keeps players secure is by recording and saving videos of all the real money cash games. Also, players can learn new strategies by watching an opponent’s moves. This feature is part of both the iOS and the Samsung apps, so all players can have confidence in the security of the app’s real cash games.

Invite Your Friends to Samsung Pocket7Games

Now that Pocket7Games is on Samsung, more players can join in the casino-style fun and try winning real cash. Invite your friends to try these fun skill games and you will have a chance to win up to $500 bonus cash. Pocket7Games is a safe and secure way for gamers on all different phones to try mobile games as a fun new side hustle.

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