Integrated Digital Marketing Explained in 5 Minutes


Do you know that more and more people are googling about integrated digital marketing in 2021 instead of 2019? It is because this marketing effort helps a lot of businesses to stay competitive. Find out how this tactic works in driving the growth of a business.

Integrated digital marketing in simple words

Integrated digital marketing is a marketing tactic that puts emphasis on seamless customer experience, consistent branding visuals and messages, and will be delivered for multiple digital channels. Check out for digital marketing services.

The result of a successful campaign can bring an outstanding brand experience to your customers.

An example of an integrated digital marketing campaign is:

  • Plan a social media promotion with a brand message and visuals that you will follow throughout the campaign
  • Create a landing page on your website that will provide information about the contest
  • Provide a seamless experience to link the promotion from social media to the landing page on your website
  • Optimise the landing page with SEO best practices
  • Collaborate with content creators, like Youtubers or podcasters to spread the word about the contest
  • Run a social media advertising for the campaign

Why integrated digital marketing matters for your business

Integrated digital marketing helps your business to stay competitive because of the following benefits.

Reach a bigger audience

A good practice of this strategy is to market your business in many channels of digital marketing. In other words, people should come across your brand on search engines or social media. They should also hear about your business not only from you but also from external parties, like bloggers, social media influencers, or podcasts.

If you implement the best practice and come up with a well-planned strategy, integrated digital marketing helps your brand’s message to reach a bigger audience.

Bringing more conversions

Reaching a more vast audience will generate more leads for your business. If you can guide them on their customer journey and provide a pleasant experience, you can convert them into whatever conversion goals you desire—be it more sales, drive traffic to your website, or increase social media followers.

Lift brand awareness and recognition to a higher level

One of the many cores of integrated digital marketing is consistency.

A consistent branding strategy for your brand’s visuals and messages in your campaign can make people more aware of your brand. Therefore, if you want to do an integrated digital marketing campaign, create a visually appealing colour palette for your campaign.

Also, make sure the tone of your business, such as in your copywriting or social media captions, are similar across the board.

Your effort in bringing consistency will make people easily associate the campaign with your brand. Hence, your brand will benefit from increased brand awareness and recognition. Have a try to use the invoice generator –  WeInvoice to make invoices online.

Deliver the growth you are looking for

A successful integrated digital marketing can deliver the growth you are aiming for in your business. It is because:

  • Target audience who never know about your brand can turn into potential customers
  • Potential customers can be your customers
  • Existing customers can become your loyal customers

Integrated digital marketing, in essence, is making your digital marketing efforts on multiple channels work tandemly with each other in the hope of delivering growth for your business.

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