Information door signs: WC signs


Information signs can be seen everywhere. They have many useful functions: they identify an office or institution, convey certain information to visitors, and also determine the prestige of an organization. Plates can vary in size, material of manufacture and presentability. Correctly presented information will help to optimize processes and make communications more effective. 

Why do we need informative door signs?

It is difficult to underestimate information signs. They have acted as the main reference point for everyone many times. They can be safely called a kind of outdoor advertising, which is important for all participants. Information boards are as laconic as possible, but at the same time informative. On the body of those exists  an opportunity to apply any information, restrictions and taboos do not exist.

Information signs act as a kind of pointers. Where can you find them most often? They are necessary in those institutions where there are many separate rooms or in facilities in crowded places. For example, offices of various institutions are hard to imagine without information plates. Otherwise, you will not be able to quickly get to the right place.

Plates act as pointers. They help to understand what exactly you can find behind a door. Information signs can be seen everywhere, where there is a need to convey some information message to potential consumers. You cannot imagine many objects without information signs. Otherwise, people would be disoriented. It would take a lot of time to find the right specialist, responsible person, company representative office, and so on.

Signs guide people but also act as a marketing tool. If you place them in the right place, you can significantly increase the flow of potential visitors. If we are talking about a company that sells goods, this can significantly increase sales.

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In order for signs to attract attention and remain understandable, it is necessary to pay enough attention to their design. It is desirable that letters and numbers contrast with  background. It is important to provide maximum visibility. At the same time, signs should be of optimal size and fit in style.

Restroom door signs 

Toilet signs can be original, or standard. Which option you choose depends solely on your wishes and style decisions in your interior, because design possibilities are endless. They say that the level of an institution and solidity of an organization is judged by toilets. Impeccable cleanliness, comfortable atmosphere, working plumbing – prerequisites for a large shopping center, an office of a respectable company or a good restaurant. But stylish and functional signs on restroom door sign are a bright detail that will emphasize elegance, presentability and atmosphere of the interior.

The range of our company includes two types of toilet signs:

  •   Signs on the toilet door. Standard signs on the toilet door – large letters “M” and “W”, traditional female and male figures, including those drawn schematically. The original signs can depict portraits. Original plaques on restroom door attract attention and are remembered by visitors, being part of every interior.
  •   Information signs in WC room. Various signs with inscriptions or signs that remind you of the rules of behavior in the toilet (yes, sometimes they are especially necessary) will help you decorate the toilet room and keep it clean.

BSign company guarantees high-quality performance and offers the possibility of choosing a unique design – our individual sketch, developed taking into account the characteristics of the interior and the wishes of the client. We can add logo, tactile braille (ADA), QR code, add any image and make any geometric shape. Our company produces HandMade signs, hand-assembled and painted. 

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