Information about Glass Fiber Filter Cloth


Glass fiber filter cloth is used for durability and wide applicability. You can find it just about everywhere. It is used for filtration, protection, construction, electronics, advanced composites, recreation, insulation, and the like. The fact is that it is an extremely versatile material that aims to improve the quality of the work. The special feature of the filter material will allow for superior filtration. Besides, the low cost and convenient replacement ensures that you have no trouble using the material.

Protect the normal operation of dust collector bags and general central air conditioning systems with this powerful material. It is extremely effective at what it does. You will be glad to use it. The main purpose of the glass fiber filter cloth is to provide you with clean air. The indoor air processor and other equipment will use it for filtering small particles over a large area. Made up of glass fiber and non-woven cloth, its wedge-shaped folding model increases the area covered. The built-in frame offers durability, economy, long life, and small resistance.

Central Ventilation System

The main purpose of the glass fiber filter cloth is that it is designed to support central ventilation systems. This means that you can use it for pre-filtration as well. The filter net has an inner structure that is divided into various frames. Each frame is uniform and strong. You will be amazed to know just how effective it is.  Some of its characteristics include ease of changing filter material, strength, and easy to work with.

The filter materials allow for imported glass fiber to be used. As for the synthetic fiber, it ensures efficiency. Here is what you can expect from glass fiber filter cloth when you use it.

1. Amazing Temperature Resistance

A great thing about the glass fiber filter cloth is that it offers amazing temperature resistance. It should have no trouble working under conditions of up to 260 degrees Celsius. Offering the highest operating temperature for the filter net bag air conditioner, the temperature resistance plays a huge role in effectiveness. In fact, it can even deal with temperatures of up to 350 degrees Celsius.

2. Stable Performance

Another reason to use glass fiber filter cloth is stable performance. It offers incredible performance regardless of the temperature. You can utilize it for better stability and permeability. It will not disappoint you in the very lease. The filter area changes will allow you to use it for huge premises. As stable performance is guaranteed, you do not have to worry about any damage to the filter material.

3. Strong Corrosion Resistance

The glass fiber filter cloth offers strong corrosion resistance. It will allow you to use it in chemical treatment and a variety of other industries. The performance of the glass fiber filter cloth will remain the same throughout its life.


Once you have gone over this post, you will understand just how useful glass fiber filter cloth is. It can be used for just about everything.

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