Increase Your Online Store’s Revenue: Integrate Chatbots With Shopping Carts


Traditionally, every online marketer’s primary goal has been to boost website traffic. This typically demands a ton of social media marketing, email campaigning, pay-per-click advertising, and search engine optimization.

However, e-commerce is now facing an unprecedented level of competition. Because of this, modern e-commerce websites must be able to turn site visitors into paying customers fast.

The starting step in this direction is the utilization of AI-powered e-commerce chatbots to support and influence customer decisions.

Using chatbots to improve shopping experiences and reduce cart abandonment is becoming more commonplace every day.

A chatbot acts as a virtual salesperson for an online store, answering questions about products, processing payments, keeping tabs on the progress of deliveries, and way more.

With a retail chatbot, you can customize the shopping experience for each consumer while also increasing shopping cart conversions.

Let’s take a gander at six ways integrating a chatbot with an online shopper’s cart can boost conversions and promote repeat business.

1. Consumer Incentives

Shoppers are particularly likely to complete a purchase if you use bots to send them information about the “last item” or the “best bargain.” When a product is good but not great, bots give customers the extra push with time-sensitive rewards, discount vouchers, and the like.

2. Cross, Down, and Up-Sells

Bots can cross-sell, down-sell, or up-sell essentially around-the-clock. By presenting prospects with relevant offers, sales, or coupons, chatbots reach engagement rates of at least 30% or higher.

3. Reclaimed Carts

There are endless distractions online that tend to interrupt and postpone our purchases. Strategically redirecting customers back to the checkout page and encouraging them to purchase is a crucial function of an e-commerce bot.

4. Enhanced Customer Reach

Chatbots invariably succeed where human sales agents and customer support teams might fail. Bots are relentless and literally fearless when it comes to consumer retargeting, product pitching, and overall never missing a single opportunity.

5. Cross-platform Integrations

The shopping cart experience actually extends far past the checkout page. Your website or Facebook Messenger, for instance, might have recently been graced with a friendly bot advertising a whole different assortment of psychological incentives like “deals near you,” “people also buy,” “your friends liked,” and so on.

6. Timely Follow-ups

Lastly, e-commerce chatbots don’t always close the deal with online shoppers. Even the greatest customer-centric chatbots may not be able to solve issues like product availability or specific client criteria that a product cannot meet.

In these cases, shopping cart-connected chatbots can easily follow up with clients. Chatbots can leverage shopping cart connections to contact customers and send them notifications or offers when a product is restocked. This method helps retain clients and create trust.

Bonus! Best Chatbot Platforms on the Market

Keep in mind, when enlightening yourself or your team on the various advantages of e-commerce chatbot utilization and the best chatbot platforms currently accessible on the market, you may want to boil it down to their types, core platforms, and costs. This way, you’ll be able to better contrast and compare the many options available.

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