In fact, Garlic from china is safe


We often hear that Chines garlic is not safe and we should avoid it, but that is not fact. Garlic from China is safe to use. The best way is to ignore the rumor on Chinese garlic. Imported foods have some personal safety issues than domestic ones. But One of the best China garlic exporter  is Fenduni, from here you will get best garlic.

But yes, some local companies make fake food or use remnant pesticides in some imported garlic.They use bleach with chemical broth that helps the garlic to look fresh and avoid sprouting. So again, people say we notice respiratory and CNS damage issues. But again, in reality, garlic from china is safe to use.

The Claim: Garlic imported from China is putting California garlic growers out of business

It is claimed in a communal television pole featuring binary imageries of garlic florae. One was with roots, and the other was without roots. According to the caption, garlic with seeds is associated with California garlic growers.

This claim was posted on Facebook: 

Hayes wrote:

“You container tell the change in garlic by observing at the lowest. Chinese garlic is without roots and leaves a concave and clean surface. If the garlic is with seeds, then it is California garlic”. The claim was only 40% of garlic is grown nationally, though 60% is introduced from China.

“Let’s say no to Chinese garlic”

Do roots indeed indicate American-grown garlic?

After that Facebook post, A blog writer, “Christopher Farm’s California Garlic Blog”, took a point and wrote a blog with the caption:

“Promising Sign for California Garlic Cultivators,”

If you want to get safe, healthy, flavorful, and fresh garlic, you should select the California-grown garlic that Christopher Ranch recommends; that is;

  1. off white,
  2. more heart-shaped
  3. have their roots intact.

According to Christopher Ranch:

“The roots are in fact shaved off for phytosanitary reasons.”

The Farming Section conditions that;

“Garlic, lengthways with leeks, onions and other onion relatives are allowable from republics outside the Cowboy show Hemisphere only if the overhead ground serving of the vegetable is detached.”

Are California garlic growers being out-competed by China?

Christopher claimed in his article that he is one of the growers serving the Trade Section control which Chinese exporters are removal.

  1. International Trade Commission states that:

“New garlic into the U.S. marketplace, which consequences in year-to-year variations on spread figures after China”.

Christopher said:

“Certain Chinese transporters can arrive garlic at a low price while others obtain the filled responsibility,”

A report by U.S. Customs and Border Protection:

The company entered fresh garlic from China under a reduced “combination rate” of $0.08 per kilogram instead of the China-wide rate of $4.71 beginning in 2017. This resulted in a loss of tens of millions of dollars in antidumping duties to the U.S. government.

Final thought:

This blog is all about garlic that is imported from China is. In fact, Chinese garlic is safe to use. But yes, some local companies make fake food or use remnant pesticides in some imported garlic. But in reality, Chinese garlic is safe. If you are interested to buy best mesh bags, you can get from Fenduni.

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