Improve your score with these A+ tips: Class 10 English


No matter what field of career you choose, the subject of English will hold great importance in your life. It is often overlooked as an easy subject but scoring high in English is as difficult as science and mathematics. The class 10 English exam is well arranged to ensure an overall understanding of language by the students. If you complete the syllabus, practice your learning, and follow the below-mentioned tips your score will improve drastically. You can refer to the class 10 English first flight study material if you need extra help in preparing for the examination, the more the better. The different sub-divisions of the paper can overwhelm students so follow these tips for smooth preparation of your class 10 English examinations. 

Section-A (Reading)

How to prepare this section?

  • Start reading passages regularly. Try to understand their subject matter and always think of a title you can create.
  • Read new and unfamiliar texts to practice the unpredictability of the exam.
  • Whenever you encounter a new word, find its meaning and lookup for antonyms too.
  • The aim of this section is not to mug up words but to develop an immediate understanding of texts.

How to attempt this section?

  • Try to fast read your passages within the 15 minutes reading time.
  • Read the questions first and then the passage. It will make it easier to look for answers later.
  • Answer in your own words and do not copy lines from the text. (remember you are in class 10)
  • Do not waste too much time on choosing a unique title. Go for a simple, short, and suitable title.
  •  Do not mistake synonyms or antonyms in the vocabulary question. If you don’t know the exact answer then read the context to find the meaning.

Section-B (Writing and Grammar)

How to prepare this section?

  • The writing section is most prone to deduction of marks. You should know the ‘formats’ of all possible questions related to the letter, report, notice, etc. 
  • Read and write letters, reports, and notice on various topics to expand your knowledge of all issues and events addressed in these questions. 
  • Develop a formal vocabulary to match the tone of your writing. Practice organizing your thoughts into a format with short and connected sentences.
  • Understand all topics of grammar in your syllabus. Do not just learn the rules but know how to use them while writing. 

How to attempt this section?

  • Decide on the writing question you will be attempting beforehand. Go with the questions you have practiced a lot of times. Be sure that you know the exact format.
  • Think before you write. Figure out the ideas that you want to add and arrange them in order. 
  • Write clear and grammatically correct sentences without any spelling errors to prevent the deduction of marks.
  • Read the grammar passage carefully before filling out the answers. The answers might vary without considering the narrative and meaning of the passage.
  • For the story writing section, design a clear story with the given outlines. Keep every word in the given sentences intact. 

Section-C (Literature)

How to prepare this section?

  • Read each lesson at least twice. Remember the points your teacher emphasized while explaining in class.
  • Do a thematic study of the chapter and understand its meaning and significance. 
  • Memorize the name of the chapter and the author. Also, remember the characters and their role in each chapter to avoid silly mistakes.
  • You should know all the events that took place in a story and the reaction of the characters to it. It will help you write authentic and better answers.
  • Interpret the chapters and create your understanding of them. Having original ideas is a great way to study literature. 
  • Keep a note of important dialogues and phrases along with their context and speakers. It will be even better if you can memorize a few specific words to use in answers.

How to attempt this section?

  • Attempt questions within a category (very short/short/long) together. 
  • Give to-the-point answers in short answers. Elaborate with some background for long answers but stay on track with the question. 
  • Write grammatically correct and expressive sentences with a rich vocabulary. Maintain a flow in your answers.
  • Do not give the lesson summary and stick to the point of the question and everything related to it.
  • Do not exceed the word limit and use your time equally on each answer. It will ensure that you will score well on every answer.

General Tips for Class 10 English Exam

  • Practice time management by solving the previous year’s question papers within the given time. Do not spend too much time on one section. 
  • Carry a watch to keep track of time. It is theory-heavy paper so also carry extra pens. 
  • Attempt all the questions 10 minutes before time and revise your answers. 
  • Follow the instructions of all the questions carefully. Look out for options and word limits given.
  • Highlight the key points through underlining. Use headings and subheadings for clarity (only if required).
  • Do not get stuck on one answer, leave it there, try it later on. It will just waste your time and you will have to sacrifice the quality of other answers.
  • Present your answer paper neatly and use enough space without squeezing words. Easier to read and understand better is the impact on the checker.   
  • Attempt the whole question paper. Go by category and keep the hard ones for the end but do not leave anything blank.
  • It is not a calligraphy competition so maintain the speed and flow of writing and decent neatness. 


A grasp of the English lessons by skype language will prove to be a stepping stone towards your long-term success. So it is time you give enough importance to this subject and start preparing diligently. All these tips will help you achieve a high score in your class 10 English exam. All you need to do is work hard and smart.    

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