Important Things You Can Get for Free


Maybe you can’t buy happiness, but it seems like there are so many important things in your life that you have to buy, even when you can’t afford it. If you’re tired of being nickeled and dimed for the necessities, read on for a list of really valuable things that are as free as happiness.

Eye Care

EyeCare America is a program sponsored by the American Association of Ophthalmology where their members donate time to give free eye exams for qualified patients. If you are diagnosed with a disease like glaucoma during an exam they’ll provide an additional year of follow-up care at no charge for those 65 and older. There are some additional conditions so check their website to see if you qualify.

Smoke Detectors

Did you know seven people die in house fires every day in the United States? Having a plan of escape and a working smoke alarm are critical to saving lives. If you need a new smoke detector contact your local fire department. Most departments will provide and install a detector for you based on financial need.

Reproductive Care

Whether you are looking for birth control, a mammogram or prenatal care, there are options that are low-cost or free. If you’re looking for pregnancy services you can get free pregnancy testing in Illinois and most other states. Non-profits like Planned Parenthood provide reproductive care on a sliding scale so you don’t have to go without an annual exam or adequate prenatal care if you’re pregnant.

Park Admission

When you’re ready to get away, nothing is more relaxing than a trip to one of the nation’s natural wonders in the National Park system. If you time it right you can go for free. There are generally six free admission days each year with at least a couple falling on state and national holidays. State park systems also get in on the act with Arizona giving free admission to its parks on Martin Luther King, Jr. day and Texas offers free annual passes to seniors born before September 1, 1930.


While there are loads of pay-to-view streaming services, several are free. Try Crackle and Peacock for free premium content. Another option is to hit your local library. Many people don’t know that most libraries pay for steaming services for their patrons. Popular services that you would only be able to get with a subscription otherwise include Kanopy with a wide variety of indie films, Acorn with the best of British TV and Qello a concert streaming platform.


If Audible is out of your price range, don’t fret; the library is once again here to save the day. Providing much more than traditional reading material, you can check out books that are compatible with your Kindle or listen to the latest in audiobooks. Kids might be interested in full-color graphic novels or the latest magazines, all without stepping foot outside your home.

Whether you need pregnancy care, a smoke alarm or just some light entertainment, there are so many free and low-cost options available, you may never want to pay full price again!

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