Important Facts About Lip Fillers Every Woman Should Know


Cosmetic doctors offer several options for people who wish to bid goodbye to their thin lips implants, lip lifts, and fillers. Unfortunately, not all are born with lips like Kylie’s or Angelina’s. And as you age, one of the inevitable effects is thinning of lips. Regardless of the reason, the most effective, safest, and practical solution to address this issue is lip fillers. And going through this procedure is not just for vanity; there is a lot to it than you know. Perhaps going through the rest of this content will tell you a couple of valid reasons why you should get one.

  • Genuine Filler

Contrary to the many misconceptions about this treatment, these fillers use hyaluronic acid, which is already present in your body. Back when you’re young, the said acid is abundant in your skin, and it is responsible for making you look young and healthy. When you age, this acid depletes, which causes the formation of creases and lines. By replenishing the hyaluronic acid level, you’re brought back to a much younger version of yourself. It is important to note that not all fillers are the same, for example lip fillers are generally softer but a jaw line filler would use a harder or sturdier filler. The professional administering the filler should talk you through the filler and it’s benefits.

  • Consecutive Treatment Sessions Make It Last Longer

If you wish to extend the effects for a longer time, you need to go through consecutive sessions. You don’t have to think about it wearing off because it lasts about six months before needing a touch-up. If you regularly go to follow up consultations and religiously attend succeeding sessions, chances are the effects last longer than expected. Some clinics will advise you on how many weeks you need to come back after the first phase, stick to it and make this a habit so you’ll reap the rewards of your diligence and money you paid for such a treatment.

  • Quick And Painless Procedure

If you have a low tolerance for pain, then this is the best option for you. With lip fillers, the process is as quick as 20 minutes and will not give you intolerable pain like other modes of treatment. The doctor will use an ultra-fine needle for the anesthetic. Should you feel any prick, it will be a very subtle one that lasts only for a couple of hours. Once done, you can go back to your usual daily routine without feeling any discomfort or struggle.

  • Organic Results

With cosmetic surgery, results can look ingenuine. Sometimes it makes the person look too good to be true. But with fillers, it develops your natural features just like you’re born to have that lip shape. The procedure can provide you with a natural form, as its contours and outlines are more pronounced. Hence, people hardly notice that you’ve gone through a cosmetic procedure. This is perfect for other individuals who don’t want to notify others of the change. 

Cosmetic procedures are common these days, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Technology has brought considerable development to the treatments, improving its accessibility to almost everyone who wants it. Unlike in the past, when only the physically healthy were fit to go through surgery, people can now choose between a surgical or non-surgical procedure. And since it no longer requires an operation, patients can continue to live like usual after the treatment.  And hence, everything is made convenient and comfortable. So, if you have the opportunity to regain your younger-looking luscious lips, don’t think twice and take the fillers procedure. This is probably one of the best decisions you’ll make. Learn more about it at

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