Importance Of Buying And Maintaining The Right Pair Of Kicks


People find ways to make money in the unlikeliest places, and sneaker investments aren’t an exception. Buying the best pair of rare sneakers and holding on to them has now been the newest investment trend, especially among young adults in Australia. But why do sneakers have such a high value?

The Importance Of Buying Sneakers In Australia:

Individuals who invest considerable cash into shoes and rare sneakers have increased in the last few years. Over time, with more and more celebrities cashing in and most of these sneakers getting a considerable rate of return on auctions and resales, an entire market was forged on buying and selling high priced and luxury sports sneakers. The majority of these were signed by star players and endorsed by major companies, further raising their market value, and by 2019, people said goodbye to mutual funds and started to look into the sneaker market and its potential. In time, the market for sneaker investments is expected to hold a significant majority of the existing footwear market, predicted to be valued at about 1903 million dollars by 2025.

How To Get The Right Pair From A Highly Competitive Market?

1. Getting to know the people that are already in this field of investment is a start. Most of these individuals have connections to authentic stores or deals that may come in handy when it’s a first-time investment.

2. Don’t go for the hype, but rather, go for sneakers that have held their value over the years. Hype refers to something that creates a sudden outburst in demand but dwindles over time. Sneakers that hold value can never go below a specific price, and as a result, it’s a low-risk investment.

3. Try to get sneakers won by famous personalities or those prominent in many famous games but never resurfaced in later years. Older authentic models usually sell for a reasonable price as more and more clients are into collectables these days.

4. Take extra precautions as not to get swindled by online counterfeits. This isn’t just a hundred or two hundred dollar purchase people are talking about but investments worth several grand. So be sure to spot the right ones.

How To Take Proper Care For These Sneakers?

1. Using a basic wipe can get the job done if the sneakers aren’t too messed up. Pack sneakers with a special covering called mylar that has exceptional drying capabilities and prevents acidic compounds of the boxes from corrupting them.

2. Don’t forget to wash the soles at regular intervals, and feel free to use light bleach or vinegar for cleaning purposes.

3. Those who have more significant collections have shoes stored in a completely air-conditioned room. This helps in taking away all the moisture that could distort the materials present inside.

4. Light can also affect sneakers and cause a particular type of yellowing that can reduce their pristineness and value. It is a good idea to keep these rare sneakers, especially the rarer ones or collector editions, away from the light and store them in a dark compartment.

5. Always soak the laces, rinse and dry but avoid using bleach. Cleaning by hand is considered better so as not to damage the linings and stitching.

Although sneaker sales in Australia isn’t exactly a solid market, everything depends on the demand at that particular time. Bringing back old symbols and brands or getting endorsed by celebrities indicates an imminent rise in sales of such sneaker variants.

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