Ideas for Modern Window Treatments


Although it may sound cliché, windows are the eyes of your house, and how you dress them can make and break the look of your space.

Not only does the design you pick need to be appealing, but it will ultimately determine the area of light that enters the room, so an adaptable window dressing is your best option. You will have all the inspiration you need with these modern window treatment ideas.

Not only does the design you choose need to be beautiful, but it will also decide how much light enters the room, so a flexible window dressing is your best bet. These modern window treatment ideas can provide you with all the inspiration you want.

Venetian blinds, which come in metal, plastic, and wood versions, are excellent for kitchens and bathrooms. These may be slanted to allow more or less light in and provide additional privacy, and they are easy to clean. Vertical blinds are a practical option for conservatories, but they may seem old. Therefore roller blinds are generally preferred for a more modern aesthetic.

Thermal curtains for French or patio doors are an excellent way to make your room cozy and comfortable. A stiffer curtain fabric will produce a beautiful drape, but lighter voile curtains are great for pairing with blinds at windows that need a little more seclusion.

On the other hand, Shutter blinds are a sophisticated option with a European vibe. They come in a range of modern colors and materials to match your decor, and they can be customized to fit your windows, much like blinds and curtains.

  • Color and Pattern Clash

Sophie Robinson, a DIY SOS designer and official ‘Friend of Ideal Home,’ has blown us away with her brilliant flower-patterned blinds and geometric print drapes. It’s a combo that may seem strange on paper but looks fantastic in person.

Sophie identifies herself as a “confessed color lover, cushion hugger, and pattern clashes” and says, “this room checks all three boxes, offering a high-energy appeal that’s the opposite of polite beige.”

  • With bright Roman blinds, you can make a statement.

We constantly advocate looking for window blind solutions – and Roman blinds are likely the finest – for an uncomplicated alternative to curtains. Fabric panels are delicately pleated for a tailored effect, with blinds placed within or outside a window recess. Line and trim blind in a contrasting color cloth for a sophisticated design.

‘You need far less fabric for a blind than you need for curtains,’ explains interior designer Charlotte Boyd, allowing you to splurge on a more opulent fabric to confirm a statement.

  • Emphasize A Striking Window Design.

Don’t hide beautiful French doors or a grand vista outdoors. Instead, install a curtain rod that extends beyond the windows on both sides, allowing curtains to be pushed back out of the way.

‘Consider if the window is worth celebrating or concealing,’ says interior designer Helen Harry. ‘Some are much too exquisite to be fully obscured by window coverings.’ I also consider the amount of natural light, the view, and the level of seclusion required.’

  • For a glamorous look, use pale blinds with black walls.

We are aware that we should not have favorites. However, this is ours. Kate Watson-Smyth of Mad About The House has won us over with her combination of delicate pink shutters and dramatic dark grey walls. She’s had some fun— hello and welcome, pineapple floor lamp!

‘This style is all about making and breaking the rules, juxtaposing hard and soft, merging antique and modern, and polished refinement with a rough and ready edge,’ Kate explains.

  • Make use of a cafe-style curtain.

A delicate cafe curtain or half curtain is ideal for a kitchen window. A voile fabric with a charming design to match your kitchen plan, such as this feather print fabric, is excellent.

This form of window decoration allows plenty of light while still providing some seclusion if your kitchen window is at the front of the home and passers-by may be able to see in. Cafe rods that fit easily into window recesses may be purchased for a few pounds.

  • For a simple luxurious look, layer textiles in the same tone.

Daniela Tasca-York, the 2017 Great Interior Design Challenge winner, created this style. You may recall her fondness for curtains if you saw the episode. Even the lack of actual windows did not deter her.

This airy and opulent style incorporates drapes with varying fabric weights and similar cold milky tones. Metallic furniture adds to the glam aspect. With marble-effect wallpaper and a deep-pile rug, this decor would not appear out of place in a LA condo.

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