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Whether your business is a small or medium Crowdfundinsider size enterprise (SME), Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales (formerly known as CRM) can help you create better customer relationships and boost revenue. It includes tools to help you generate leads, assess your business and seize opportunities. Dynamics 365 for Sales builds relationships with customers and prospects through personalized experiences. It creates end-to-end journeys that drive revenue and increase customer loyalty. It also enables sales reps to collaborate across teams and geographies.

Dynamics 365 is built on top of Microsoft’s SQL Server database and includes robust reporting capabilities. It is also integrated with Microsoft’s Office 365. This means you can use Office 365 for collaborative editing of documents. It is also integrated with CRM Portal, which provides you with a web-based, interactive platform. It also includes an offline capability, so you can capture important information when you are away from your computer.

You can use Dynamics 365 CRM to create automatic emails, reminders for agents and customers, and to track your leads. You can also build extra modules. Dynamics 365 can also be integrated with existing marketing automation software.

You can purchase Dynamics 365 for Sales directly from Microsoft or through a partner. The cost of the software is typically $8 per month for a Team Member license. You can choose to upgrade to the Full User license, which allows you to access all the features of the application. You can also opt for a cloud-based version. If you choose the cloud option, the software is hosted on Microsoft Azure public cloud. The cloud-based version is managed by Microsoft. You can also opt for a SaaS subscription, which allows you to access the software from any internet browser.

Dynamics 365 offers a high level of security, which protects the privacy of user data and maintains data integrity. The security model also allows for efficient data collaboration and access. It also allows you to see information in various ways, including in charts and graphs. The CRM portal also co-locates with Office 365 to provide an intuitive way to connect with customers on any channel. You can also integrate the application with other Microsoft products to further streamline your business processes.

In addition to sales, Dynamics 365 offers a full range of tools to help you increase your profitability. You can use the applications to manage customer service, field service, project service automation, marketing, and more. You can also use the apps to generate leads, improve customer relationships, and improve case resolutions. It also includes an in-built gamification feature. You can also use the CRM to track strategic initiatives and manage SLAs.

Dynamics 365 is a powerful solution that allows you to provide great customer service from anywhere. You can also access your data on the go with the mobile app. It is also easy to scale your solution, allowing you to expand and contract at any time. Dynamics 365 is also regularly updated to introduce new features. Typically, updates are released every eight weeks. You can test updates in a sandbox instance to ensure compatibility.

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