How Your Love Language Affects Your Relationships


The five love languages are a popular tool that couples can use to strengthen their bond. There are five basic ways that people express and interpret love. When you understand what fills each of your love tanks, you and your partner can be more mindful and purposeful about showing your adoration in the ways that will mean the most. Take a love language quiz to find out how your heart speaks, then read on to learn how this language affects your relationships.

Quality Time

If your love language is quality time, you get the most satisfaction from your relationship when you’re spending attentive physical time together. You’ll struggle with a long-distance relationship because you won’t get the one thing that makes you feel most loved. You should make a point of scheduling regular dates with your partner, even if you’re just staying in and silencing your phones for a few hours. Carving out these moments is crucial for you to feel that you have a strong, healthy partnership.

Acts of Service

If acts of service are important to you, you will feel most loved when your partner helps you out with daily chores and activities. Seemingly small things like filling up the gas tank, watering the flowers, or doing the laundry will have great importance to you. It’s important to choose a partner who reliably offers helpful services, otherwise you may feel neglected even when they adore you. Offer specific suggestions to your partner so they know how they can help you feel fulfilled in the relationship.


If your love language is touch, you feel the most connected and at peace when you’re in physical contact with your partner. Long-distance relationships aren’t a good idea for you, as you’ll become starved for the thing you need most. Holding hands, getting back rubs, and snuggling are important to you. Make sure your partner understands how even a small touch can give you the butterflies and make you feel truly adored.


Gifts is a tricky love language because it seems to imply that you need a lot of material things to feel loved. However, attention and thoughtfulness are really at the heart of this desire. Your partner can make you feel loved by picking up your favorite foods at the grocery store, leaving a sweet note on your dashboard, or arranging for a coffee delivery at work. Let your partner know just how much these small gestures mean so they’ll understand that those little just-because items really fill your love tank.

Words of Affirmation

If your love language is words of affirmation, you need a communicative partner who is willing to talk about your relationship enough to deliver these. You will feel the most loved when you receive verbal compliments, love notes, or sweet texts. Hearing “I love you” means more to you than it does to individuals with other love languages. If you’re feeling unloved, make a point of talking it out so you can get back to the meaningful words that are so important to you.

Taking time to speak your partner’s love language is a great way to strengthen your bond. Make sure you’re showing your deep feelings in a way that’s most easily appreciated by the one you love.

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