How True are Indian Horoscope Predictions?

Indian astrology, most commonly known as Jyothishya is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘jyotisa’. Jyoti means light from the heavenly bodies such as the moon and the sun. It is the traditional system of astrology followed by Indians. More recently, the term Vedic astrology has also been used, thanks to the influence of Ayurveda and yoga. The origin of Indian astrology has debated by western and Indian scholars for long. While western scholars say that Indian astrology came from Hellenistic influences after the Vedic period, Indian scholars argue that Indian astrology developed independently with some interactions with Greek astronomy which was compiled in Vedanga Jyothishya in 1200 BCE.

Jyotishya comprises the study of astrology, astronomy and timekeeping with the help of the movements of the planets and heavenly bodies. This helps to prepare the panchanga which is a calendar and an almanac. One can follow timekeeping and the predictions of auspicious times, including dates and calculations in a tabulated form, in the panchanga.

Significance of Astrology in India

Astrology holds significant importance among Hindus and a few other religions. Right from birth of a person, a horoscope or Kundli is charted out based on the position of the planets at the time, date, and place of birth. Hindus believe that planetary movements influence one’s life. These planets are referred to as the Navagrahas. They are revered as they are considered to be subordinates of the supreme being Eeshwara. They administer justice to the individuals, based on their actions. While western astrology is based on the moveable zodiac, Indian Vedic astrology is based on fixed zodiac. Indian horoscopes are interpreted based on the lagna or the rising sign or ascendant. Indian astrology predictions are based on the accurate and exact zodiac positions at the time of birth, while western astrology does not consider the time and place of birth in its predictions.

The Hindu horoscope or the Janam kundli

The Indian online horoscope, popularly known as Kundli or Janam Patri, is charted based on the position and movement of the planets, the Sun and the Moon. Kundli is mostly referred to predict major life events, including marriage, career, wealth, education, etc. Hindu marriages are solemnised after comparing the birth charts of the boy and the girl for compatibility and longevity of marriage.

Preparing the Horoscope or Janam Kundli

According to ‘Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra’, human life is part of the cosmic structure which is represented by the significant aspects of astrology such as the nine planets (grahas), 12 signs (ashis), 27 stars (nakshatras), and the ascendant (lagna). Horoscope predictions in India are done based on the planetary positions and the lagnas, rashis, and stars prevailing at the time of birth. The birth charts are prepared as per Vedic astrology which is derived from the individual’s moon sign. The moon sign renders a more accurate prediction when compared to the sun sign. The time of birth is the most important aspect to determine the moon sign. This forms the base of future predictions combined with the planetary positions and their influences.

The key elements of Indian horoscopes

Indian horoscopes throw light on the following key elements:

  • Panchanga Predictions:

The panchanga predictions are created with the nitya yoga or the birth yoga revealing the basic personality traits and features, temperaments and other predictions of various life events with the use of Vedic astrology.

  • Favourable Periods

The horoscopes analyses the dasas and apaharas, the houses, planetary position to predict the favourable periods of major life events such as education, career, business, marriage and house construction.

  • Bhava Predictions

The horoscopes throw light about the 12 houses/bhavas and help to understand the life factors controlled by these bhavas including personality, relationships, wealth, career, education and marriage.

  • Remedies and Recommendations

A well-written horoscope will also help us to understand the ways to overcome the challenges in our life by checking for Kuja dosha, Rahu dosha and Ketu dosha. The horoscopes also help us to overcome difficulties caused by the certain characteristics of the birth star.

All said, astrology can only be accurately predicted by astrologers who are well-versed and are scholars in the field of astrology and astronomy. Indian astrology is based on detailed calculations and requires precision and in-depth knowledge of astrology. With the advent of the digital age, many companies have forayed into the field of astrology and with the help of accurate calculations are able to provide astrological predictions with inputs from scholars and experts. This has resulted in easy access to understand and learn about our future with just the press of a button.

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