How to Write Script for Animated Ad Video 


Many people these days are using animated videos for marketing purposes. This is because animated videos are easier to follow and pretty entertaining as well. A lot depends on how well you use 3D animation models to your advantage. You should be able to use animation to put your message across as clearly as possible.

For this, you would need to start by writing a strong script for your animated ad links. This would involve several steps that would make the process easier. You can follow the steps we’ve discussed below to write a script for animated ad videos.

Outline Your Concept

The first step to follow here is to outline your concept before you start writing a script. Start asking yourself what the purpose of the video is that you’re making. Think about why you need an animated video in the first place. If you can create a live-action video that conveys your message more quickly, that’s fantastic.

If you want to outline abstract concepts, then a 3D animation model is more useful. Think about what you’d want to cover with these animation models. Mapping out your concept would allow you to cover all the important points in your ad.

This would help you ensure you don’t miss out on any essential details in your videos. You don’t need to make a very fancy or detailed outline. All that matters here is covering the message you want to convey in your ads. You can then use the services of a 3D animation company to bring your outline to life.

These companies have the right tools to create the videos you need. Remember to brief the animation experts on your expectations from your video. Make sure they cover all the bases related to your animation. This would include adding a call-to-action (CTA) at the end of your video.

If you’re clear about what you want, you may well get a great animated video ad.

Don’t Make It Too Long

The next thing to remember is to keep your video script short and simple. You don’t need to be writing a novel or essay to make an animated video. You simply need to cover all the bases you outlined in your initial draft.

It’s sometimes easy to lose track of your word count and go overboard with your script. A long, rambling script will be of little use to a skilled 3D animator. Sure, they need to know how you visualize your video ad. But this doesn’t mean that you should bore them with unnecessary details that aren’t relevant to your video.

Remember to add only important details to create the perfect 3D animation model for your ads. In most cases, an animated video ad isn’t more than 90 seconds in length. This is because your audience is unlikely to pay attention for longer than that. So, it may be better to get your message across in this time frame.

You would need to write your video script keeping this length in mind. Try to capture your audience’s attention within the first ten seconds of the video. They decide if they want to continue watching your video based on these few seconds. So, your script should be engaging enough right from the start to keep them hooked.

This doesn’t mean that you should overburden your audience with too much information. Too much information can leave your audience feeling overwhelmed. Instead, start with a catchy opening and spread the information out through the script. This would make it easier for your audience to absorb the information.

Use Visuals the Right Way

A good 3D animation company would know how to use visuals to tell a story. You don’t need to be preaching to your audience if you use a 3D animation model for your ad. All you need to do is let your visuals do the talking for you. This would make your video ad more interesting to your audience.

A 3D animator would be aware of the latest animation techniques being used today. They’d be able to translate your script into visuals. For this, your script should be imaginative enough to bring out these visuals. A dry, lifeless script is unlikely to bring out the best in an animator.

So, you should elaborate on the key visual details you’d like to see in your ad. This doesn’t mean that you’d need to go into every minute detail of the ad. You can leave a few details about the skills of the 3D animation company you’re working with. This would allow them more creative liberty to give you good results.

Giving preference to a visual narrative will make it easy to keep your audience engaged in the video.

Decide On the Right Tone

You should also remember to decide on the right tone for your 3D animation videos. Your tone will determine how your audience views your videos. So, it’s important to use a tone that resonates with them. You would need to strike the right chord with your audience if you want to convey your message.

In most cases, an animated video script should have a conversational tone. This would allow you to make your 3D animation video informal and easy to understand. Your audience would then be more likely to find your videos engaging.

Remember to keep your sentences concise and use simple words. One way to check if your script is engaging is to read it out loud before animation. Read it aloud for the voiceover before you have an artist record it for you. If a phrase or sentence sounds awkward, make sure to change it.

Keep your script brief so it’s easy for you to make any necessary changes. Also, don’t hesitate to rewrite portions of it if they’re not engaging enough. Remember, you may be spending a good amount of time and money on your animated ad. So, it makes sense to try and make it as perfect as you can.


These are some of the ways in which you can write a 3D animation script for video ads. Following these tips is sure to help you write a great script for your ads. It would also make it easier for you to engage your audience if you wrote a script that’s interesting enough.

This in turn would help you increase the conversion rate of your online ads. So, invest a good amount of time and other resources to help you write a great script for a 3D animation model.

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