How to Write an Essay in Less Time


For a well-organized essay, preparation is essential.

Before you even show up for the test, I mean ‘in advance.’ There are two instances of this:

This is what I mean by This is Scenario 1!

Prepare yourself for a full surprise when the topic of your exam essay is revealed to you. They provide you a topic to write about. In fact, you’ve already gone ahead and done it all. Your alternatives have run out and you’re straining to think of fresh ones. If you need essay writing service, please visit our website.

Scenario No. Two.

Set a goal for how many paragraphs your essay will have before you begin writing it (for example). At this point, the stakes are high. There’s no need to adjust your expectations for the number of paragraphs you’ll get.

To begin, decide how many important points/paragraphs your essay will include (3 major points / 5 paragraphs in total). You can ALWAYS count to three and five, no matter what topic you’re studying (or any fixed number you have chosen in advance).

If you know exactly what you’ll be doing on the exam, your brain will be looking for a way to break down the problem into three subtopics and will work like crazy. Everything you need is right here.

This is the key to completing a test essay in a timely manner.

Make a major investment of time and energy in constructing a strong thesis statement for your paper.

This paragraph acts as both your main topic and outline for your essay. Let me illustrate what I mean by way of an example.

Writing your first paragraph in the traditional manner, with a showy introduction and your thesis statement in the last line, is a mistake. Here’s a quick and easy way to do it.


A trip to Mars should be attempted for the following three reasons. To begin with, we would learn a great deal about our solar system. Secondly, this would challenge our ideas of what we can do. Also, in the event that the Earth becomes uninhabitable, we’d have a somewhere to go to call home.

I don’t care whether you think I’m crazy or not; I’m convinced. It’s clear what’s going on. Before you begin writing the first paragraph, use this technique to create an outline for the remainder of the essay (thesis statement). The first paragraph of the exam will take up at least a quarter of your time. The site has more entries on how to write a thesis statement. If you want further tips on how to write an essay fast for an exam, consider watching some of the videos on my site that teach you how to develop your thesis statements.

As you create your essay’s body paragraphs, go back to your thesis statement as a guide.

If you’ve followed Steps 1 and 2 properly, writing the essay’s body should be a breeze.

It’s true that this is the majority of your work. This isn’t, however, the most challenging part. The thesis statement, which was the most challenging part, has now been finished. Just refer back to it while writing the rest of your essay.

Your three body paragraphs now have a header (or lead sentence) like this. The only thing left to do is prove each of these claims one at a time, one statement and paragraph at a time. There are three paragraphs in total in this instance. I hope you find this information helpful. You’ll have to repeat the first three steps. Writing an exam essay in half the time may be achieved by following these tips.

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