How to wear a blazer in different ways?


If you own a blazer and look forward to wearing it in different ways, like with a stylish t-shirt, this blog is the right destination where you will get the right ideas. Blazer is men’s clothing that can be used both professionally and personally. That means if there is a formal party at your office or you have dinner with your girlfriend, then a blazer will rock the floor at both events.

However, the best part of the blazer is it will make you look polished and improve your personality in a better way. So, the below recommendations about men’s blazer will make you look handsome, side by side, comfortable.

1. With a polo shirt

Most men think that it is not the most obvious choice to wear under the blazer, but a polo shirt is one of the best wardrobe staples which have the power to make you look stylish. However, to make everyone jealous, make sure to wear it under the blazer tucked in with a belt.

Now the question arises why they are so popular among men? The reason is they are very comfortable and flexible. Apart from that, polo shirts do not get wrinkled and make you look in good shape.

2. With V-neck t-shirt

If you want to look different from others, think of something unique and try a V-neck t-shirt with your blazer. Select a V-neck stylish t-shirt that offers a sharp look that indeed works well for any occasion.

3. A stylish t-shirt

Whether you are going for any formal event or an extra formal one, a premium quality stylish t-shirt will look excellent under the blazer. But keep in mind that they should be free from stains or any holes, and the essential thing is it must be well-fitted.

4. With sweater

Sweater under the blazer has the power to add texture which otherwise offers a one-dimensional look. In other words, you can say that the sweater under the blazer delivers a touch of sophistication when it is worn casually.

5. A flannel shirt

When most men think about this type of shirt, they assume it to be stereotypically made of warm cotton, synthetic, or wool. However, when you talk about today’s flannel shirts, they come in a wide variety and types starting from thinner to warm.

Apart from that, they come in solid shades which don’t look like flannel that offers true comfort. So, for an excellent look, wear it under the blazer and rock the floor in style.

6. A well-tailored cotton shirt

It is shocking to know that most men think that all dress cotton shirts are the same. But it is not true as men’s dress shirts these days are well-tailored and customized.

They do not wrinkle, are light in weight, make you feel comfortable, and offer good shirt stretches. So, to enhance your personality, wear it with a tie for the formal occasion.

7. With jeans

Men’s clothing comes in various styles and varieties. This is the reason you should combine it perfectly for good looks. Above all, jeans are another choice which will look perfect with a blazer. So, wear a good pair of jeans, keeping the shade of a blazer in mind.

Ultimately, no matter what type of shirt or stylish t-shirt you want to wear, keep in mind that it should be of premium quality material and must not have wrinkles. Apart from that, make sure you should not match it in combos like a winter blazer and summery shirt or vice versa.

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