How to watch Instagram Stories anonymously online without registration?


Officially, Instagram does not allow viewing Stories anonymously. But who and when did the prohibitions stop? Any Story in an open account can be viewed: using the application for viewing Stories anonymously on Android / iPhone or on the website online (without registration).

You can watch open accounts and posts in them even without registering and logging into Instagram, but Stories are no longer there.

The most obvious way to watch Instagram Stories anonymously is to create a fake account. But this option is not always suitable, because the author of Stories will see that some fake account is watching him. And if you suddenly notice that some unknown account is watching you, you can try to figure out who it is by the phone number.

Stories in Actual can now be viewed anonymously on Instagram itself. After the first 24 hours, Instagram no longer shows who viewed Stories, only the total number of views.

You can view Stories anonymously only with open accounts. Private – view only for subscribers. Also, Stories can only be published for “close friends”. If you are not added to this list, then you will not be able to view them.

Sites for anonymous viewing of Instagram stories online

Almost all Instagram functions are available online from a computer. You can watch and like your feed on the official website, and upload photos / videos / stories using delayed posting services. And although Stories can also be viewed on the official website, anonymously – only “unofficially”.

How to view Instagram Stories anonymously without registration? Easiest and fastest using sites:

All such sites work according to the same principle. Insert the account name into the search bar and watch public Stories anonymously online.

Stories from closed accounts and those that were published for “close friends” cannot be viewed anonymously on these sites. These Stories can only be seen by subscribers or added to the “close friends” list.

Watching Instagram Stories anonymously on these sites is convenient and safe, because you do not need to register, enter your username / password from your profile or install applications.

Apps for anonymous viewing of Instagram Stories for iPhone and Android

Some applications allow you to watch and download Stories only after logging in via Instagram or Facebook. We recommend not to trust your username and password to unknown application developers.

The applications below allow you to view Instagram Stories anonymously without registration or authorization. They may contain ads, but this is better than risking the safety of your Instagram profile.

Profile + Videos for instagram (iPhone and Android)

Immediately enter the name of the desired Instagram account, go to it in the application (there is an advertisement, click on the cross to close).

First, you will see Highlights, the second item – new Instagram Stories, which can be viewed anonymously.

Story Plus + Insta Media Viewer (iPhone)

Go to the menu (three stripes at the top left) “Profile search”. Write the name of the account and go into it. In the “History and Events” section, you can view the Stories anonymously.

These are all proven ways to watch Instagram Stories without registering online. On a phone or on a computer – if Stories are publicly available, then they can always be viewed anonymously.

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