How to vacuum more efficiently; cleaning tips and tricks


Starting your vacuum only to clean various surfaces, things, and all of your apartment isn’t the right way to start off your morning. Not everyone likes the way things are in their lives but still they have to go for it every single day. You can’t be helped by the very fact that you have to use a vacuum every single morning to clean stuff but the process of doing so can be made easier and more streamlined. If you want to do the same then the following are some of the tips that will help you to get things done right

The handheld and car vacuums go by the same route, you should be clearing everything from places you wish to vacuum so there are no distractions and obstacles of any kind. This way you can literally jump into the action without wasting your time around, it is a professional and the most classic vacuum cleaning tip of them all.    

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  • Make it as simpler as you can

The first thing that you need to focus on is to make things easier and bringing some sort of structure to how you do things. What you can do here is to make sure that shoes don’t enter your home as this way the true culprit that brings dirt and dust from the outside will be stationed outside and out of your way. Do these minute implementations for other various things as well. Because these factors make vacuuming more difficult than it originally should be. 

If you cling with the no shoes in home rule then you would see that all the dirt and debris stack outside on the front porch of your house and can easily be collected or vacuumed from there. If the no-shoes policy is a no-go in your house then consider installing a few shoe mats at various locations and then cleaning them with the help of a vacuum, it will relatively make things easier for you. It is best if you use cordless vacuum cleaners as these can take out a lot of dust in one blow saving you a lot of time.

  • Once is not enough at all

If your floor or the carpet has a lot of dust, hair and other such complications then cleaning it only once is not enough. What you need to do is to clean the same patch of the floor or surface, again and again, this way you will ensure that all the hairs, dirt, and dust gets thoroughly cleaned. It is also wise to go over this area from different directions as this way all the hairs, dust, and debris are likely to come closer to the surface and your vacuum will be able to pull almost all of it in a single blow. 

The hairs are the real culprits and if you have got pets in your home then it can become a real challenge to remove these fibrous elements from the floor. In extreme cases, it might require about ten minutes to do so. Using a crisscross pattern ensuring that you can reach your carpet from various ends will ensure the safe removal of all these hairs for you. 

  • Develop a schedule

At the end of the day, nothing would come to your aid more pleasantly than having crafted a schedule. This way you are free from the consistently nagging thought in the back of your head that I have to get to vacuuming right now or any minute now would be good. It is a distraction that stops you from accomplishing other amazing things or becoming productive in an allocated time. What you can do here is to develop a sound schedule where you have listed the time when you would start and the very vacuum such as the robot vacuum cleaners that you would start with. 

Make sure that you account for the overall traffic approaching your home, is it past noon that everyone is at home? If so then you need to mark morning as the ultimate vacuuming time. Depending on this very situation whatever works for you should be included or highlighted within your schedule.

  • Treating the spots

A vacuum is only good for the removal of dirt, dust, and debris in general. It won’t work for the stains that are left behind on your sofa or others on the carpet. You need to clean or treat these stains with a spot cleaner before you can finish it off with a vacuum cleaner. This way the stain will be treated at the spot and your carpet would become cleaner while enchasing the overall result of your vacuuming practices.

Another thing that you can use here is the steam cleaner which is effective against not only the new but the old ones as well. Spot treating the stains that lie all around you is the best thing to consider while vacuuming but if you include the steam cleaning into the mix then the end results would simply become nothing less than absolute mind-blowing. 

  • Try to remove all the small objects from the floor

It is more like commonsense than being a cleaning tip that should be implemented by people when vacuuming. But many people don’t tend to this thing at all and as a result, end up making the whole space that they are cleaning an absolute mess. 

This is commonsense that you need to remove all the small things, toys, blocks of things, and stuff lying on the floor before you can get down to vacuuming. It will not only help you to vacuum with much more peace and elegance but the efficiency of the act will also be increased. There won’t be small things getting stuck into the air hose of your vacuum, striking with your feet all the time, or making you scratch your head in disappointment.

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