How to use stretch mark cream, what is its composition?


The appearance of stretch marks is mysterious for some people but they appear at some stage of your life. Stretch marks are not permanent and you don’t have to take them with you for life long. Different creams and gels are available at different prices but DermalMD stretch mark cream is the best product with budget-friendly quality.

Stretch marks are not easy to remove but continuous use of cream on affected areas will decrease them with time.  This cream contains natural, and non-toxic chemicals that will supplement the affected area with desired ingredients.

Source of tri-peptide:

This protein increases the production of natural protein and protects the skin from shrinking. Tri-peptide is the main ingredient of all stretch marks cream as it can go inside and provide skin moisturizing and hydrating effect.

Shea butter:

Next ingredient that will make skin elastic and less vulnerable to develop stretch marks in Shea butter. this can also go deep and increase the elasticity portion of the skin. As elastin increases the elasticity of the skin, so it indirectly protects stretch marks by increasing the production of elastin protein.

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Vitamin C:

Vitamin C or ascorbic acid is famous for brightening and lightening the skin tone. As area affected with stretch marks has skin one or three shades less than normal skin tone. Application of ascorbic acid will lighten the complexion and marks will be less prominent.

Collagen booster:

Collagen booster is a great addition to this cream as it plays a vital role in taking the skin to normal condition. With age or due to some hormonal issue collagen is not available in the required amount that why this cream is more effective than any other cream.

How does it work?

Gentle and effective:

This nourishing stretch mark cream is gentle and effective on all areas. After instant application, your skin will feel more smooth and hydrated.  Continuous application of this cream will remove dehydration and leave your skin with excess moisture. In turn, this will remove the main reason that increases the chance to develop stretch marks.

Safe for mother and child:

Most women develop stretch marks during pregnancy and after their pregnancy. This is the main span where they have to use some cream. This cream is proven safe both for mothers and children even during lactation. This cream contains no harmful and harsh chemicals that can cause any harm to a child or mother.

Usage of stretch mark cream:

Application of this cream is easy and can be done in simple steps:

  • Apply this cream on an affected area twice a day for three months. After four weeks you will see a clear difference but for better and long-lasting results it is encouraged to use it continuously for three months.
  • Take a small portion of cream and massage it vertically for thirty seconds after a hot shower. This will increase the blood flow and regenerating process will be faster.
  • After shower pores are open and cream can absorb quickly thus leaving more results in a short time.

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