How To Use Mirrors To Elevate Your Decorative Genius In The Home


While a common trick in the decorating world is to expand a small space is with a mirror, mirrors can offer so much functionality aside from working in tandem with a limited area.

The beauty of mirrors is that they come in as many shapes, sizes and styles as there are opportunities for placement. Thinking outside the box with your decorative genius can add to some outstanding visuals throughout your home.

4 ways to use mirrors in the home

Let’s get right to the good stuff with 4 recommendations in ways that you can place mirrors in your home:

  1. Make a mirror collage. A mirror collage allows for creativity but does seek some uniformity as well. The key is to look for similar shapes yet to use different sizes that can blend in well with each other. A Pond mirror for example, can create an elective effect when placed alongside mirrors with similar smooth edges.
  2. Place a mirror in between two windows. The key with doing so is to use a mirror that is the same length as the windows to create a visually appeasing quality. Go for the maximum effect with a dramatic frame – a gothic style can wow guests and complement an otherwise minimalistic decorative outlay.
  3. Go for a mirrored headboard to achieve a dream look in the bedroom. Of course, there are many classic options for a headboard that can be just as stylish – but will they leave the same lasting impression? Utilise design such as overlaid detailing to add texture and potential colour to your place of rest.
  4. Go all out with a mirrored wall. This one is not for a faint hearted but can be well worthwhile. Anything from a walk-in closet to a living room to even a sunroom can offer a breath-taking effect.

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