How to Use Incense Cones


Incense is one such substance that pleases and relax the senses and turns the whole interior design atmosphere into a cozier and more welcoming one. It not just beautifies the surroundings but also soothes the mind and the senses and that is why it is steadily gaining popularity and momentum among high society circles.

There are other forms of fragrances too like scented candles or electrical aroma producers and diffusers too. But incense is probably the most natural form of scent because it’s the plant material itself either crushed or grounded or molded.

Incense also comes in multiple forms and one of the most common ones of them is incense cones (Incense waterfall). These are made by combustible aromatic materials molded together into the shape of a cone. When you burn it, it produces stunning scents and aromas. But how exactly to burn or use them?

Fortunately, it’s quite a simpler process and you will catch on pretty fast with our step-by-step guide.

Burning Incense Cones

The process of burning or using incense cones is a simple and smooth process albeit with some care and precautionary measures because burning anything should definitely be done with care and precaution.

  • First step is for you to find a suitable heat resistant container. Cones produce a lot of heat so be careful with this step. You can use an ashtray or a ceramic bowl. Otherwise, you can get special cone burners equipped to hold an incense cone safely.
  • Place the cone in the container with the tip facing up and the flat and wider part of the cone at the bottom. Some cones come with metal disks on which to place them. In that case, put the disk inside the container first and then put the cone over it.
  • Use a match or lighter or an already lit candle to light up the tip of the cone. Hold for 5 to 10 seconds so the flame is stable enough to hold once you take the matchstick away.
  • In some cones, the flame goes out itself 5 to 10 seconds later after you take the matchstick away. If it doesn’t, blow out the flame yourself 5 to 10 seconds later.
  • Now after the flame is extinguished, the tip should have an orange glow and emitting smoke. If the tip is dark, light the flame again until the tip has the orange glow once the flame is blown out.
  • Make sure the flame is out because it’s essential for the flame to go out and the orange glow to come in order to produce the right scent. Slowly blow on it or fan it to make sure the flame is extinguished.
  • Let the cone burn and produce aroma for a time period of your preference. A whole cone will take around 30 to 40 minutes to completely burn out.
  • Make sure to keep incense cones away from open doors or windows especially when it’s breezy so that it stays lit and burns properly.

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