How To Take Pictures For Collecting Evidence After Your Accident 


Evidence is one of the key aspects of your car accident. Without evidence, it is impossible to determine whose fault caused the accident, and no damages can be awarded unless the first stage is cleared. Lack of evidence can even force you to accept a lower compensation than you deserve if you cannot prove the other driver’s fault. Here is where an attorney can help. 

If you were involved in a car accident caused by another party, you must have strong legal representation. An attorney has the right knowledge, experience, and resources to gather the evidence that the average person may ignore. Consult one today and get Legal advice to discuss your legal options. Meanwhile, here are a few tips on how to take pictures for evidence after an accident. 

How to take pictures for collecting evidence after an accident 

  • Take photos right away or return to the scene. 

Capturing photos and videos right after the accident can help to a great extent because the evidence is fresh and can help determine fault. For example, food wrappers might be around the vehicle, demonstrating that they had been eating before the accident, which could have been a contributing element. 

However, it is understandable if you forget to take pictures at the accident scene. You can call the police, and they will collect evidence on your behalf. You can also return to the accident scene after receiving medical care. If the police are still there, ask permission to take pictures.

  • Take a lot of photos. 

When gathering evidence by clicking pictures at the accident scene, you cannot afford to be lazy or try to save storage in your phone. Take as many pictures as you can or until you are tired. Consider every angle and capture every object, even those you think may not be helpful. Your attorney will thank you for gathering so much evidence. 

  • Turn on the date and time feature. 

If you are using a digital camera to click pictures, turn on the date and time stamp feature so that you can document when the accident occurred. If you are using your smartphone, your phone should document the time and date accurately and automatically. If you are too injured to return to the accident scene, you can also go after a few days. 

  • Get multiple angles. 

Do not leave out any important angles when clicking pictures. Take close-up snaps of important details, like your injuries and property damage. Get a few panoramic view angles of the entire accident scene. Do not edit or filter out the images. 

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