How to survive JC life in Singapore?


As we introduce the New Year, numerous students are fearfully welcoming another scholastic year. Junior College, or all the more affectionately known as JC, is an undertaking all alone with the many high points and low points and sudden difficulties. These tips would ideally be of help to sail through JC life for example in RIJC.

I penned this down with the assistance of a couple of companions, a large number of who endure JC life and thrived despite the many challenges.

Caffeine. Heaps of it. 

With the measure of rest that you are getting in JC, or rather scarcity of it, it is in a real sense difficult to make do without a portion of caffeine every day, except if obviously, you include being torpid in school as enduring. Those more pragmatic can decide to bring a tumbler to class with their decision of enjoying 3-in-1. This is certainly the most reasonable alternative.


  • Meaning of companions (with regards to JC): 
  • The individuals that wake you up when you nap off in talk 
  • The individuals you go insane with, so you don’t need to go insane alone. 
  • The individuals that get you Liang the/natural product juice since they realize you had a late night prior 
  • The individuals you tattle with such a school turns into somewhat less dry. 
  • The individuals that you depend on purchasing nourishment for you on the grounds that the line is just excessively long and they are closing the front of the line 
  • The individuals you discover collaboration with as you concentrate together and help each other with school work.

Try not to thump yourself 

We as a whole stagger every once in a while; it may feel like there are sure obstacles in life that are practically difficult to cross, or we may even be confronting the first disappointments of our lives in JC. Try not to be unsettled and beat yourself up about it.

Praise your triumphs, regardless of how little they are 

Two years is quite a while; the greater part of us start this excursion new confronted and energized yet become world-exhausted as the year passes by. The apparently perpetual daily practice of getting up right on time, going to class, getting back late, and resting considerably later can get us down.

Get coordinated 

Being coordinated can appear as a coordinator or another document with singular areas for tasks or a recently cleaned storage or room. Keeping a coordinator, paying little mind to the structure it takes, permits us to monitor our advancement at school and gives us a more clear image of what is happening. Nothing is more unpleasant than discovering the significant cutoff time is a couple of hours away, trust me. A coach, for example with the tutors at JC Economics Tuition can be awesome.

Have a decent connection with your folks 

A few of us probably won’t have the best relationship with our folks, and they may, in some cases, even be an extra wellspring of stress or disappointment. The pressure with guardians can once in a while be tight to the point that even time spent at home doesn’t give the inside harmony and tranquility expected to confront the following day of school, and you wind up inclination more tired.

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