How to Stay updated in the Indian Stock Market?


How can one keep themselves updated with the stock market? The easy answer to this would be – through the Internet. Also, all of these jokes apart – we wish it were that easy. But honestly, you have information available 24/7 on your TV, phone, computers, and more. All you need is – to know how to get the right info. One of the baselines of being a pro-player in the stock market is being up-to-date with it. But how? Don’t worry. We’ve got your back. Keep reading to know how you can do this tactfully.

Way to be Up-to-Date with the Indian Stock Market

Here are some of the best tips you could use to keep yourself up-to-date with the Indian stock market. So, keep reading to know more.

1) Google Alerts

When you want all of the news about a particular subject – irrespective of the source, you can sign for Google alerts from your Phone, Ipad, or computer. For instance – if you want to know the top stock gainers today, you can choose this subject, and Google will send you an email alert when it comes up.

You can set your preference to get the updates as they are found or in an everyday journal format. You can also set up your alerts based on keywords, and you would get updates on the articles with the words you gave. You could also restrict your alerts to a particular kind of content, like pictures, videos, and news.

2) Use News Websites

There are various new websites that you could follow or subscribe to, so you can stay informed. Many of these websites or portals also have a social media presence and newsletters that you could easily subscribe to. You could also choose homegrown sites or language-preferred news sites from the country.

The most crucial stores would be listed at the top. You could also check the sites on your laptop anywhere there is an internet connection and on your smartphone.

Also, to make sure that you get the most important news when and as it happens, you could sign up for the breaking news texts through the most sought sites. Most importantly, only the news that affects people the most would be texted, and it would be brief. When it is something you want to know more about, you can follow up on the site.

3) Podcasts

If you choose to hear the news you want to know, you can choose to listen to podcasts. For instance, if you have a long trip, you could load up your phone with audio updates of breaking news and investing trends and listen to them on your own timeline.

News podcasts could also include replays of interviews, weekly summaries, daily summaries, or newscasts of the recent events that took place in the stock market. They are usually better for a longer-term investment, as the delay with the news recording, the release, and you listening to it would be beyond the time allotted to make a fast trade.

4) News Tickers

Various news websites give you the option of downloading a program to your desktop that runs a news ticker with the top or bottom while you work. If you are an active trader – the news feed often appears on your trading page.

You could also customize many of these tickers to include particular news like business, entertainment, and more. It will let you passively monitor news headlines while you are working on different things.

5) Utilize Mobile Applications

There are various stock market applications that serve a daily purpose; you can check the latest prices, commodities, and so much – just through them. Here are some of those applications you could use:

  • NSE Mobile
  • Stock Watch
  • Yahoo!Finance

There are more that could be added to this list.

6) RSS

Another way to personalize the stuff you read on the Internet is to use RSS (Rich Site Summary or Really Simple Syndication). RSS feeds are available from many news sites and financial analysts.

A common orange and white icon appears on sites that deliver RSS feeds. The site offers you the URL to the feed when you click on the symbol, which you paste into your RSS reader. The nicest part about RSS is that it allows you to gather all of your relevant news feeds, blog entries, and other Internet content on one page, giving you a quick overview of what’s new since you last checked.

7) Indian Stock Market Portals

Here are some websites that you need to know in order to be an updated pro on the grounds of the Indian stock market.

  • BSE India
  • Money Control
  • Screener
  • com
  • Economics Times Market
  • Live Mint

When you have an investment that would be affected by the market volatility, you need to consider being 100% updated in the stock market. It is the first point for any investor in the stock market – to be updated. These pointers would be a great way to be more successful in the stock market.


It is critical to be updated about the stock market – especially if you are invested in funds and stocks that would be affected by the market movements. But, whether highly volatile funds or less-volatile funds – the bottom line of an investment is to be up-to-date with the stock market.

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