How to Stay in Touch With Family During Your Business Travels


Missing family during business travel is normal. Even short trips impact the dynamic between loved ones. In 2022, it’s easier than ever to stay in touch with them while on the road.

Technology helped professionals work remotely when the economy shut down. It has also helped digital nomads work around the world since 2008. Thus, technology helps corporate travelers communicate with their loved ones too.

For example, an estimated 97% of the population own a cell phone. Plus, about 74% of those surveyed prefer to leave home with it. Thus, a way to communicate with loved ones is rarely far away.

Let’s take a look at how to stay in touch with family during your business travels.

Make an Appointment

Staying in touch with loved ones starts with making an appointment.

Corporate travelers must focus on the trip’s purpose. After all, companies have invested money and seek a return on their investments.

Before you leave on your trip, make an appointment with your loved ones. Agree on the time that everyone will make themselves available and for how long, taking into account differences in time zones.

Keep in mind that maintaining the appointment might not always work out. Therefore, everyone should manage their expectations.

Road warriors such as traveling salespeople benefit from establishing a regular time to call home. So do traveling nurses and construction workers.

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After setting appointments with loved ones, pick a preferred communication method.


The easiest way to contact loved ones during corporate trips is by phone. Use your smartphone or landline to call home. Since at least 74% of the population travels with a cellphone, it’s the easiest communication method to use.

Moreover, smartphones allow users to program reminders. They also have conferencing features. Thus, it’s a versatile piece of technology that provides several benefits.

Text Message

In a pinch, send loved ones text messages.

On corporate trips, text messaging causes distractions. In offices, text messaging has also impacted productivity. Moreover, it’s not great decorum to answer a message in the middle of meetings, training, sessions, or work shifts.

However, text messaging is great for letting family members know that you’re running late.

Nonetheless, spouses and significant others might enjoy reading a short message that arrives unexpectedly through text message.


When the iPhone first launched in 2007, its users probably didn’t imagine how versatile the smartphone would become. In 2022, loved ones can keep in touch by using FaceTime, especially during corporate travel.

FaceTime has expanded to all iOS devices. Plus, users can access it on the web and Android devices. Therefore, it’s a nice way for loved ones to talk and see each other.

Video Conference

An alternative to FaceTime is Zoom. Zoom video conference software launched in 2011 but its moment to shine arrived in 2020.

Although Zoom is more commonly used in business environments, families can use the video software too.

It’s great for keeping in touch with extended family members who live in different parts of the country.

Use an App

Once you have the technology in place, use complementary apps to stay in touch with family members. Some common communication apps are:

  • Google Hangouts
  • WhatsApp
  • Facebook Messenger
  • WeChat

Each app has different features. For example, Google Hangouts allows voice and video conferencing.

Before heading out, test a few apps with your loved ones. Then, pick one. Install it on everyone’s tech gadgets and ensure that participants know how to use the app.

If it doesn’t work, pick another app before the next trip.

Mail Postcards

Another way to stay in touch with family is to mail postcards.

The price of stamps and postcards remains reasonable. Plus, the mail service for postcards deserves some credit – they can travel quickly.

Mailing postcards mark a point in time. They also show that you did indeed visit cool destinations. Many postcards feature local landmarks. If you purchase it from a tourist retailer, they might sell you the stamp and mail it off for you too.

Write a short message and your family will receive something special in the mail.


Staying in touch with family during business travels is easier than ever. Pick a communication method and tool such as a smartphone and FaceTime. Then, establish a consistent time to catch up.

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