How to Start Brewing Your Own Craft Beer at Home?


If you want to brew tasty and aromatic beer at home, buy a home brewing kit. It makes the process interesting and simple, so you will be delighted to immerse yourself in the art of craft beer brewing.

Read our article to know what you need to start homebrewing and where to buy a ready-made brewing kit.

What Are the Basic Ingredients Needed to Make Beer?

For beer brewing you will need the following ingredients and equipment:

  • Yeast
  • Primary fermenter
  • Carbonation drops
  • A can of malt extract
  • Rubber cap
  • Bottling bucket
  • 2-gallon barrel
  • Lid
  • Racking tube
  • Plastic spoon
  • No rinse cleanser
  • Brewing thermometer
  • Aerometer
  • Bottles with caps
  • Instructions and recipes for different types of beer

This is an indicative list of components that may vary slightly depending on the type of home brewing kit you choose.

How to Brew Your Own Craft Beer With a Kit?

Brewing is the process of mixing malt extract, yeast, and water.

This process can be divided into the following steps:

  • Boiling

Take a pot, pour four glasses of water into it, and bring the water to a boil.

  • Mixing the components

Once the water boils, remove the pan from heat and add malt extract.

Take a barrel for beer brewing and pour purified cold water into it to bring the level to 4 liters.

Pour cooled wort into the barrel. Add more cold water to bring the level to 8.5 liters and stir all the contents.

  • Fermentation

Add the yeast, seal the barrel, and put it in a dark cool place at 680-760F. Wait 2 weeks. That’s how long the fermentation takes.

  • Sanitize all the supplies

Cleanse the bottles with no-rinse cleanser.

  • Bottling and carbonation

Put 2.5 spoons of sugar in each bottle and pour the beer into them. Cap the bottles with caps and shake well to mix the contents.

Store the bottles at room temperature for roughly a week, after which the drink is ready for consumption.

Beverage Craft is a popular online store that offers the best selection of different home brewing kits.

Here you will be sure to choose an optimal kit for your needs and everything necessary to brew and enjoy your own craft beer.

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