Did you ever face an uncomfortable situation in the workplace? Were you ever mistreated because of your gender, race, or age in the office? Many people do not know how to respond to such situations. They feel dumbstruck. Then again, others often overlook these little things thinking that is the way the world functions. They think you have to endure a little abuse in order to gain work security, but the truth can not be further from it. Times have changed, and with the changing times, new laws have been made to protect the workers from getting harassed in the office. Continue reading this article to find quick tips that will help you be more confident and stand up for your rights in the office.

Speak Up: Unless you talk about your problems, no one will pay attention. If you face a problem with a certain situation, you must address the same. When you bring the issue to the table, everyone has the chance to acknowledge the same. You might even find out that the same problem was faced by many. Everyone wanted someone else to speak up. It is better to address the problem sooner rather than later. The moment something does not feel right, speak up. It will help others learn more about appropriate behavior in office space.

  • Before you raise a complaint, make sure you see the situation objectively. Use questions instead of accusations. Questions tend to make things less awkward when confronting someone for their behaviors.
  • Pause and reflect before making a complaint against someone in the office.
  • When you talk about your experience, be articulate. If you don’t know exactly what made you uncomfortable, no one else will.
  • When one tries to pass offensive comments regarding one’s weight, race, gender, and more as jokes, it is time to speak up.

Stay Calm: It is important to keep calm so that you don’t make mistakes. Getting angry and abusing others will always lead to negative consequences. Therefore, stay calm and take the necessary steps to let your voice be heard. When a co-worker or boss treats you badly, take a few minutes to calm yourself. You may even decide to walk out of the room for a few minutes to collect your thoughts.

Be A Whistleblower: At times, bullies single out people and abuse them for no reason. They must find the courage and gather evidence against such bullies. But, people are often afraid of losing their jobs. They may face corporate punishment for stirring up things in the office. However, one may consult with an SEC whistleblower lawyer and stay protected.

  • Talk to other people in the office about your experience with the bully.
  • Gather tangible evidence against him.
  • Act before it is too late.
  • If possible, speak to the manager to resolve the issue. However, if the manager fails to take proper actions needed, you may complain about the issue to HR.
  • It is important to keep a record of the formal complaint. Therefore, instead of verbally expressing your concern, you may mail the same to the higher authority.

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