How to Spoof Your Location on Android


Using a fake location app is a great way to get around the GPS system of your Android device. You can also use Mock Locations. This app will display your location in a small window that looks like Google Maps. You can also use geofilters on Snapchat offers Geofilters. However, before you start using any location-based app, it is important to know how to spoof your location on Android.

Fake GPS Location

There are a few ways to fake the GPS location of an Android device. You can enable this feature by digging into the settings of the phone. In the settings screen, tap Developer options and check the box that says Allow mock locations. Next, search for the setting called fake location. Tap the play button to activate it. You can now test whether or not the faked location is accurate by going to Google Maps and using the Geofilter function.

Another way to fake GPS location on Android is to install an app called FakeGPS Location. This app displays a map of your current location whenever you access it. It is useful for hiding activities. You can even use it to get away from prying eyes and spying spouses. It doesn’t require rooting the phone and only requires you to enable developer settings on your device. Once you enable the setting, you can begin playing with the application.

Mock Locations

To use fake GPS on Android, you must first enable the Developer Options on your phone. Most Android devices come with this feature inbuilt. You must enable the Developer Options by tapping the Build Number seven times on your device. Once you enable the Developer Options, you can choose a fake GPS application from the list. Once you’ve activated the Developer Options, you can begin to use your fake GPS to spoof your location.

You can use a geo spoofing app like Fake GPS Joystick or Routes Go to make your location appear fake online. This app lets you control the location of your Android phone. You can use it to change the location of your phone and other apps. You can also install a geo-spoofing app, such as Google Maps, on your phone. Once you install the application, you can easily fake your location on Android.


If you want to prank your friends or get away from your current location, you can use the fake GPS app called ByteRev. To install this application, you will need to go to the Developer options on your Android device. After you have done this, open the app and input your location. This will allow ByteRev to display a fake GPS location to other applications on your phone.

Unlike the previous apps, location spoofer apps for Android are completely free and very easy to use. All you need to do is download the app and enter your GPS location (longitude and latitude), and within seconds you will be able to change your location. You can also mark favorite locations and browse through their history to find out where you have been. If you aren’t comfortable using fake GPS location apps, you can try other methods that involve jailbreaking your phone.


If you have an Android phone, you can easily spoof your location by installing a third party app that will fool your friends into thinking you’re somewhere else. The app requires a stable internet connection and Android 6.0 or higher. It will also ask you to enable developer settings, which is located in the hidden Android menu. Once you enable developer settings, you can install the application. To begin spoofing your location, download the app and follow the instructions to configure it.


For the best results, use an app that has a joystick. Most flagship phones have good GPS connectivity, but if you’re on a budget, you can download free apps. These apps will also allow you to use geo-blocked applications without being detected. To use the applications that require a joystick, be sure to enable developer mode on your phone. You will also want to install a third-party application like Fake GPS Location Professional.

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