How to Save Money While Traveling 


Do you know how to save money while traveling? If not, you are in luck because saving money while traveling is actually quite easy. All you need to do is find a good way to maximize the amount of money that you spend while visiting your favorite tourist attraction. Here are some tips for you to try out: 

o Travel in the off-season. No matter what season it is, you can always find cheaper airfares during this time. The off-season is considered to be from November to March. The weather is wonderful at this time of the year because the humidity is very low. In short, you can always expect to get a discount from the price of the airfare. 

o Travel during low season. The summer is usually one of the most expensive times when it comes to airfare and hotel room rates. However, the opposite is also true. You can also find more affordable rates if you travel during the low season since hotels and airfares are usually very low during this period. 

o Avoid using credit cards when purchasing items. One of the most common tourist scams is to be asked for money even though the ATM is not yet open. This is because many people are wary about giving too much information (especially with strangers) when they are trying to pay for something using their credit card. For this reason, paying with cash at the ATM is always recommended especially if you are traveling overseas. Usually with credit cards people tend to overbuy.

o Take advantage of free things offered by the hotel. Before going to the hotel, check the online or offline map to see if there are free things offered in the area where you are staying. Some hotels offer complimentary breakfast or drinks upon request. If you have a flexible schedule, it would be best to take advantage of these freebies. There are some hotels that even offer to show you around the area free of charge so you won’t have to spend anything for transportation. 

o Join or create Facebook groups that focus on traveling. There are many local transportation and tourism groups that post updates and photos on Facebook. These groups are the best means of communication since they will allow you to stay updated with what is happening around the place where you are staying. 

o Credit cards are almost always accepted at ATM’s. Even if the ATM is not located near where you are staying, you can use your credit card to pay for your purchases if the store allows it. This is one of the fastest and easiest ways of paying for things when traveling. In some cases, you can earn up to two free dollars from every transaction you make. 

o If you are staying in a hotel that has a bar, ask if they offer beer, wine, and other alcoholic beverages for discounted prices. This would almost always include their beer, wine, and other alcoholic beverages for just a couple of dollars. It might be a bit trickier with places that don’t offer these alcoholic beverages for discounted prices but you can always try your luck there. You can also save money by taking your garbage to the local dump instead of leaving it at the hotel’s garbage dump. This is especially helpful for those who don’t care to pack their own bags. Saving a few bucks can really go a long way when traveling. 

o Another great way to save money while traveling is to avoid using local transportation. By not traveling by local transportation, you can save a lot of money and use that money to other parts

of your trip such as buying souvenirs and purchasing tickets for events you want to attend. In many cases, local transportation is very expensive especially if you are traveling during peak season or during holidays. Some people always like traveling with their own cars too. If traveling domestically and going on a road trip, be sure to have the car serviced and inspected. If you are traveling with a car like the Volkswagen, be sure to have it serviced. Many websites like will have detailed information on how reliable these VWs can be. 

o If you don’t mind paying a little extra, you can always take advantage of online booking sites. These booking sites are usually cheaper than the usual tourist attraction ticket prices. Aside from booking sites, you can also go through other sites such as Hotwire. If you know where to go, you can actually find some very good deals on almost everything. 

o Finally, before leaving your home, you should take advantage of Facebook groups that allow you to connect with friends while traveling. Most people would rather purchase tickets at the hotel or resort because they do not have to worry about the expenses of meals or the local transportation. However, there are also times when hotels and resorts offer free accommodation for their customers. This free accommodation is usually available during holiday seasons or in off-peak seasons when most people are traveling to the city. Since these free accommodations are usually booked by many people, the price is usually quite cheap.

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